I don’t think the Detroit Free Press entertainment writer knew how timely this article was when it went up on the Freep site about 6 p.m. tonight:

Find out where ‘South Detroit’ came from in the Journey song Don’t Stop Believin’

A snippet:

Motor City residents have griped that the whole “South Detroit” thing isn’t quite accurate. Now, thanks to New York Magazine, we know what former Journey front man Steve Perry was thinking when he wrote the lyrics.

Perry tells that mag that the song’s imagery came to him one sleepless night in May 1980 while Journey was in Detroit for a five-night stand as part of the group’s Departure Tour.

Later tonight (remember there is a time zone difference), Miss Michigan Elizabeth Wertenberger will premiere her new pageant dance talent piece to a panel of Miss America judges. The selection: Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’.”

Elizabeth knows about the controversy of “South Detroit.” After all, Detroiters would normally point to a map and say, um, that’s Windsor.

Her reply when I recently asked her about the lyrics was: “I’m south of Detroit.”

– Paula Wethington

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