There’s a methodology to that hashtag madness

By Paula Wethington

Twitter is one of my favorite social media platforms. I’ve been on since February 2009, shortly after I learned the newsroom had launched a @monroenews account.

But there’s certainly a learning curve to it! Hashtag conversations in particular are a genre all to their own.

Here’s a primer: Ragan’s PR Daily has this post – Hashtag basics: Why they work, and why they fail.

A snippet:

When deciding on which hashtag to use, it’s important to look into how that hashtag already is being used in the Twitterverse. Or if it is being used at all. You may think you are categorizing a tweet correctly, but do your homework; you may be surprised by the tweets that are ending up in that hashtag list.

To translate: Spammers are quick to flood irrelevant links into hashtags that are in the trending list or commonly used. That’s one of the reasons my friends in personal finance have created unique hashtags through which to host live chats and talk to each other.

We’ve found the #money and #personalfinance hashtags are busy and spammy. The ones we use instead for scheduled chats include #wbchat #dealchat and #moolah – wb standing for WiseBread, the host of that chat.

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