Live Blog: Dundee vs. Birch Run in the State Semifinals

Dundee quarterfinalsDundee topped Belding 51-19 Friday to advance to the state semifinals.  Get live updates below of the semifinal match against Birch Run!

Good luck Vikings!



Niles Kruger February 23, 201311:46 am

I’ve posted a story on the semifinal match featuring quotes from Donny Mandell and coach Tim Roberts on our website.

Niles Kruger February 23, 201311:39 am

Match summary:

215: Jay Sroufe, D, md. Colin Slavik, 13-0.
285: John Marogen, D, md. Kyle Spencer, 10-2.
103: Kenny Reinhart, D, p. Colton Fritzler, :49.
112: Zach Blevins, D, d. Kyle Kelsey, 12-7.
119: Jerry Fenner, BR, md. Sean Keilitz, 20-7.
125: Adam Bishop, BR, d. Brendan O’Connor, 5-3, OT.
130: Preston Hogan, BR, d. Logan Grantham, 6-3.
135: Donny Mandell, D, p. Damian Johnson, :50.
140: Lake Bennett, BR, md. Sean Marogen, 9-1.
145: Doug Rojem, D, d. Mitch Franklin, 2-0.
152: Jared Elliott, BR, d. Liam Grantham, 5-4.
160: Todd Olson, D, p. Austin Warner, 1:29.
171: Tye Thompson, D, won by injury default over George Lahar.
189: Teddy Warren, D, p. Korey Cutherbertson, 1:39.

Niles Kruger February 23, 201311:03 am

189: Teddy Warrn of Dundee vs. Kory Cuthbertson. Warren leads 5-0.
Warren pins in 1:39 making the final score 44-17.

Niles Kruger February 23, 201310:59 am

171: Tye Thompson of Dundee vs. ??? (they still have Lahar listed on the board).
Thompson wins by injury default, making it 38-17 Dundee.

Niles Kruger February 23, 201310:55 am

160: Todd Olson of Dundee vs. George Lahar.
Olson is in charge with a 5-0 lead.

Niles Kruger February 23, 201310:46 am

152: Liam Grantham of Dundee vs. Jared Elliott.
Grantham leads 2-0 after one period.

Niles Kruger February 23, 201310:46 am

Richmond finishes off Whitehall to move into the finals.

Megan Drabek February 23, 201310:40 am

-Evening News photo by Tom Hawley
Donny Mandell (135) wins with a pin.

Niles Kruger February 23, 201310:37 am

If Dundee hangs on, it looks like the Vikings will face Richmond in the finals. Richmond is dominating Whitehall 39-13.

Niles Kruger February 23, 201310:37 am

145: Doug Rojem of Dundee vs. Mitch Franklin.

Niles Kruger February 23, 201310:30 am

140: Sean Marogen of Dundee vs. Lake Bennett.
Bennett takes a 2-0 lead with 36 seconds left in the first period. That’s how the period ends.

Niles Kruger February 23, 201310:27 am

135: Donny Mandell of Dundee vs. Damian Johnson.
Wow, Mandell pins in 50 seconds. Dundee leads 23-10

Niles Kruger February 23, 201310:19 am

130: Logan Grantham of Dundee vs. Preston Hogan.
Hogan gets the first takedown. Grantham escapes, making it 2-1 after one period.

Niles Kruger February 23, 201310:11 am

125: Brendan O’Connor of Dundee vs. Drew Cox. O’Connor leads 2-1 after one period.
Correction: It is Adam Bishop for Birch Run.

Megan Drabek February 23, 201310:10 am

-Evening News photo by Tom Hawley
Dundee Seminals: Zach Blevins of Dundee vs. Kyle Kelsey

Niles Kruger February 23, 20139:59 am

119: Sean Keilitz of Dundee vs. Jerry Fenner.
A pair of takedowns gives Fenner a 4-2 lead.
Sorry for the delay, technical difficulties. Fenner won 20-7, cutting Dundee’s lead to 17-4.

Niles Kruger February 23, 20139:50 am

112: Zach Blevins of Dundee vs. Kyle Kelsey.
Blevins jumps out to a 2-1 lead.

Niles Kruger February 23, 20139:48 am

103: Kenny Reinhart of Dundee vs. Colton Fritzler.
Reinhart pins in 49 seconds, pushing Dundee’s lead to 14-0.

Niles Kruger February 23, 20139:39 am

285: John Marogen of Dundee vs. Kyle Spencer.
Marogen jumps out to a quidk 7-0 lead.

Niles Kruger February 23, 20139:30 am

215: Jay Sroufe of Dundee vs. Colin Slavik
Sroufe scores the first takedown.

Niles Kruger February 23, 20139:25 am

Starting weight for today’s semifinals is 215

Niles Kruger February 23, 20139:23 am

The Grand March before Dundee’s Division 3 state semifinal match against Birch Run just started. Here is a link to a list of Birch Run’s state qualifiers:

Megan Drabek February 23, 20138:51 am

Good morning! Niles will be keeping everyone updated again today. Stay tuned and good luck Vikings!

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