(Live Blog) Wrestling State Tournament: Bedford and Dundee

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Bedford and Dundee head to Battle Creek this weekend with one goal in mind: to come back with a state wrestling title.

The Mules and Vikings are tired of accepting less than the best.

Dundee has not won a state championship since 2007. Bedford has not been on top since 2001.

A five-year state championship drought would be nothing for most schools, but standards are different for Dundee. The Vikings have finished as state runner-up four times in those five years.

Bedford has a pair of runner-up finishes since 2001 and a number of close calls like last year when the Mules tied Hartland in the quarterfinals, but lost on criteria.

Both teams begin their journey with quarterfinal matches Friday. All the action will take place at the Kellogg Arena.

Niles Kruger will be reporting from Battle Creek this weekend and will provide a “live blog” for anyone who wants to follow the matches.  The live blog is below.  For those of you who want to participate, just enter your comments in the “reply”  box to ask questions, etc.

Megan Drabek February 22, 20135:01 pm

Evening News Photo by Tom Hawley
Bedford’s head coach Kevin Vogel and assistant coach Bill Regnier watch as their lead slips away at the 160lbs weight class in the quarterfinals.

Niles Kruger February 22, 20134:49 pm

215: Brandon Sunday of Bedford (45-1) vs. Luke Haynes (6-8).
A 31-second pin by Sunday makes the final score: Rochester 37, Bedford 24.

Niles Kruger February 22, 20134:41 pm

189: Codie Bettencourt of Bedford (32-12) vs. Shawn Shadaia (29-5).
No points were scored in the first perod.

Niles Kruger February 22, 20134:33 pm

171: David Lijewski of Bedford (35-10) vs. Shane Shadaia (29-5).
Shadaia leads 2-1 after one period.

Niles Kruger February 22, 20134:24 pm

160: Bean Beallas of Bedford (26-14) vs. Dean Vettese (37-1). Vettese scores the first takedown.
Vettese leads 7-1 in the second period.

Niles Kruger February 22, 20134:16 pm

152: Jordan Snyder of Bedford (34-11) vs. Aaron Morgan (27-13). Morgan grabs a 4-1 lead.
Morgan leads 7-1 after one period.

Niles Kruger February 22, 20134:13 pm

145: Trent Turshon of Bedford (25-22) vs. Dillon Maier (23-21).
Maier’s pin in 1:46 gives Rochester its first lead of the day, 22-18.

Niles Kruger February 22, 20134:05 pm

140: Jake Lohr of Bedford (37-12) vs. Kaelan Richards (47-2). Richards scores an early takedown for a 2-0 lead.
Richards leads 5-0 after one period.

Niles Kruger February 22, 20133:54 pm

135: Blake Montrie of Bedford (26-9) vs. Ryan Morgan (23-13).
Montrie leads 2-1 after one period.

Niles Kruger February 22, 20133:46 pm

130: Jake Helminski of Bedford (30-13) vs. Joseph Gunther (34-16).
Gunther takes a 2-0 lead with a takedown.

Niles Kruger February 22, 20133:39 pm

It is strange to see the Bedford fans decked out in yellow shirts. It must be to go with the blonde hair the wrestlers are sporting.

Niles Kruger February 22, 20133:35 pm

125: Mitch Pawlak of Bedford (43-1) vs. Josh Wood (10-0). Pawlak notches an early takedown for a 2-0 lead.
Pawlak leads 5-2 after one period.

Niles Kruger February 22, 20133:33 pm

119: Mitch Rogaliner of Bedford vs. Seth Birchmeier. Rogaliner pins in 34 seconds.

Niles Kruger February 22, 20133:31 pm

112: Cam Fornwald of Bedford (22-21) vs. Justin Kim (43-7). Kim scores an early takedown for a 2-0 lead. Kim pins in 1:58 to slice Bedford’s lead to 9-6.

Niles Kruger February 22, 20133:30 pm

103: Tyler Rogaliner of Bedford (39-9) vs. Andrew Sare. Rogaliner pins in 13 seconds for a 9-0 Mule lead.

Niles Kruger February 22, 20133:21 pm

285 pounds: Adam Ortman (33-10) of Bedford vs. Cameron Daniels (33-20)
No scoring in the first period.
Ortman gets back points for a 3-1 lead after two, then builds his lead to 6-1 in the third period. Bedford leads the match 3-0.

Niles Kruger February 22, 20133:15 pm

Starting weight for the Division 1 quarterfinals is 285 pounds

Niles Kruger February 22, 20133:13 pm

Bedford is ready to begin its Division 1 quarterfinal against Rochester. I will keep you updated on all of the action here.

Megan Drabek February 22, 20133:12 pm

-Evening News photo by Tom Hawley
Bedford’s Mitch Rogaliner ready for the match.

Megan Drabek February 22, 20133:12 pm

-Evening News Photo by Tom Hawley
Bedford wrestlers with their new hair color “yellow” at the Division 1 quarterfinals.

Niles Kruger February 22, 20132:57 pm

I apologize for an earlier error. They had the wrong number on the scoreboard. Teddy Warren wrestled for Dundee at 189, not Tye Thompson.

135:Brad Scholl, D, p. Devin Bailey, 2:21
140: Doug Rojem, D, p. Brady Phelps (B), :57
145: Zach Motylinski, D, d. Dakota Foster, 5-0
152; Michael Walker, B, d. Liam Grantham, 3-1
160: Noah Newhouse, D, p. Blake Rodarmer, 4:37
171: Todd Olson, D, accepted a void.
189: Robert Neil McCully, D, md. Teddy Warren, 15-4
215: Todd Maxon-Haller, D, d. Jay Sroufe, 1-0
285: John Marogen, D, accepted a void.
103: Kenny Reinhart, D, p. Michael Hunter, 1:14
112: Zach Blevins, D, p. James Douglas (B), :51
119: Nathan Cooley, B, d. Sean Keilitz, 7-2
125: Brendan O’Connor, D, p. Connor Barker, 1:42
130: Jesse Scheidel, B, p. Logan Grantham, 2:40

Niles Kruger February 22, 20132:44 pm

Birch Run wins the final match to nip Chippewa Hills 28-25.

Megan Drabek February 22, 20132:34 pm

-Evening News photo by Tom Hawley
Dundee’s head coach Tim Roberts talks with Monroe Evening News Sports Editor Niles Kruger after winning the Division 3 quarterfinal match.

Niles Kruger February 22, 20132:30 pm

Birch Run and Remus Chippewa Hills are going right down to the wire for the right to face Dundee in the semifinals. It is tied 25-25 heading into the final match.

Megan Drabek February 22, 20132:22 pm

-Evening News photo by Tom Hawley
Dundee’s Brendan O’Connor controls Belding’s Connor Barker at 125lbs and went on to pin him at the Division 3 quarterfinals. Dundee won the match 51-19..

Niles Kruger February 22, 20132:10 pm

Final score: Dundee 51, Belding 19. The Vikings move on to the semifinals at 9:30 a.m. Saturday. The other quarterfinals are still going on. I will update with Dundee’s opponent in a few minutes.

Niles Kruger February 22, 20132:05 pm

130: Logan Grantham of Dundee (11-10) vs. Jesse Scheidel (34-6).
Scheidel leads 9-0 after one period.

Niles Kruger February 22, 20132:04 pm

125: Brendan O’Connor of Dundee pins Connor Barker in 1:42. It’s 51-13 Dundee.

Niles Kruger February 22, 20131:57 pm

Sean Keilitz of Dundee trails Nathan Cooley 3-2 after two periods at 119.
There is a delay. Keilitz is shaken up.

Megan Drabek February 22, 20131:50 pm

26 thoughts on “(Live Blog) Wrestling State Tournament: Bedford and Dundee

  1. 135: Brad Scholl of Dundee (16-4) vs. Devin Bailey (26-13). Scholl trails 2-1 after one period. A second-period pin at 2:21 gives Dundee a 6-0 lead.

  2. 140: Doug Rojem of Dundee (44-1) vs. Brady Phelps (20-7). Rojem needs just 57 seconds lot record a pin, giving Dundee a 12-0 lead.

  3. 145: Zach Motylinski of Dundee vs. Dakota Foster. After a scoreless first period, Motylinsk scores an escape seconds into the second period.
    The second period ends with Moylinski leading 1-0.
    Motylinski gets back points for a 4-0 lead.
    That’s the final, 4-0. Dundee leads 15-0.

  4. 152: Liam Grantham of Dundee (28-3) vs. Michael Walker (33-10).
    Grantham trails 2-0 after one period.
    Walker lets Grantham go to start the second period. The Belding wrestler leads 2-1 at the end of two.
    An escape puts Grantham in a 3-1 hole. That’s the final score, slicing Dundee’s lead to 15-3.

  5. I watched Dundee live last year through MHSAA and this year they’re not being shown today but it looks like Bedford is.

  6. 160: Noah Newhouse of Dundee vs. Blake Rodarmer )21-13).
    Newhouse trails 2-1 early.
    Newhouse leads 6-5 in the second period.
    Thethird period begins with Newhouse nursing a 6-5 lead on in the bottom position.
    Newhouse pins in 4:37. Dundee now leads 21-3.

  7. Sorry I had technical difficulties. Jay Sroufe lost a 1-0 match to Todd-Maxon Haller and John Marogen accepted a void. Dundee leads 33-10.

  8. 189: Tye Thompson of Dundee (25-6) vs. Robert Neil McCully (36-8). Thompson trails 2-0 at the end of one period.
    Thompson scored a reversal to tie it 2-2. Neil McCully leads 8-2 after two.
    A 13-3 win by Neil McCully pulls Belding within 27-7.

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