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Bedford Quarterfinals

Bedford’s Mitch Rogaliner is one win away from repeating as state wrestling champion. The senior won his semifinal match Friday will bid to repeat today in the Individual State Finals at the Palace of Auburn Hills.

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Niles Kruger will be providing live updates of the tournament today. The live blog is below!  You can reply in the “reply” box!



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  1. I’ve made it to the Palace of Auburn Hills for the state individual wrestling finals. I’ll keep you updated on all of the action as Mitch Rogaliner and Brandon Sunday of Bedford, Teddy Warren, John Marogen and Doug Rojem of Dundee, Alex Martinez of Ida and Logan Griffin of Erie Mason bid for state titles.

  2. First match of the afternoon: Dundee’s John Marogen (43-7) is taking on Josh Capen of Ithaca (43-0) at 285 pounds.
    No scoring in the first period, but both wrestlers were giving a stalling warning.
    Marogen scores first with an escape. The second period ends with Marogen leading 1-0, but Capen gets an escape in the third to tie it.
    A stalling point gives Marogen a 2-1 lead, 35 seconds left. Marogen gets a late takedown to win a state title with a 4-1 victory.
    Marogen was very gracious in his post-match interview, giving most of the credit to Dundee’s coaching staff.

  3. They annouced before the start of the championship matches that Dundee’s Tim Roberts has been named Division 3 Coach of the Year.

  4. It’s time for the 112 title matches. That means I will be following both Alex Martinez of Ida and Erie Mason’s Logan Griffin. Luckily they are on mats next to each other.
    Griffin (26-0) is facing Ken Dittenber of Carson City Crystal (53-4).
    Martinez’s opponent is Devin Schroder of Grand Rapids Catholic Central (52-0). Martinez is 53-1.
    Martinez trails 4-0 after one. Griffin’s match is scoreless.
    Griffin grabs a 1-0, Martinez trails 6-0.
    Griffin addes two points to his lead with a near fall. Dittenber gets a late takedown to send the match into overtime.

  5. 119: Mitch Rogaliner of Bedford goes for his third state title against old rival Shayne Weirman.
    Weirman of Holt is 48-0. He scores an early takedown. Rogaliner escapes in the final second of the period and trails 2-1 after one.
    A stalling call puts Rogaliner in a 3-1 hole.
    Weirman now leads 4-2 early in the third. Weirman wins 6-3.

  6. Now we have a long break for Monroe County wrestlers until Doug Rojem’s 140-pound match. Then it will be Teddy Warren at 189 and Brandon Sunday in the final match of the evening, 215.

  7. The 135-pounders are on the mat now. Rojem (50-1) will be taking on Lake Bennett of Birch Run (55-6) at 140.
    The match just started. It’s 0-0 after one.
    Rojem opens the scoring with a two-point nearfall. It is 2-0 Rojem after two.
    Rojem holds on for a 2-0 win.

  8. The 171-pound matches are just finishing up. At 189 in Division 3, Dundee’s Teddy Warren (48-3) will face Collin Beebe of Allendale (38-0).
    Beebe gets the first takedown, but Warren escapes. It’s 2-1 after one period.
    Another escape by Warren ties it 2-2. That’s how the period ends.
    Beebe escapes for a 3-2 lead with 1 minute left.
    A 4-point move with 14 seconds left gives Warren a 6-3 win.

  9. I apologize to my blog followers. With a deadline looming, I had to concentrate on getting the story. Bedford’s Brandon Sunday won 5-4 in overtime, giving the Monroe County Region five state champions.
    Get all the details and reactions from the wrestlers in the Monroe Sunday News.

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