Tap Water and Too Much of the Wrong Calcium

I just learned that I might have saved my heart a little calcification problem. I quit drinking tap water 30 years ago. I quit because I used to slow boil water on the stove in my apartment to raise the humidity. I had to throw the pot away because the calcium build up on the pot was so hard that I couldn’t chip it off with a screwdriver and a hammer. I thought that might not be so good for me. What if it built up in the body?

The only available type of water other than tap water back then was spring or distilled water. I’d buy distilled in the 2.5-gallon container with a spout. I never bought the spring water because it tasted the same as tap water to me. I had visions of someone filling those jugs of spring water out back with a hose. So I got used to drinking distilled water with absolutely no taste so that drinking tap water tasted salty to me. It’s been 30 years and because of PUR and BRITA, the days of the plastic jugs are over. However, I’ve recently found that even though these filters may reduce calcium content quite a bit, they still do not remove all calcium. I also found that spring water may or may not have higher levels of calcium than tap water, so much for bottled spring water.

And the problem with too much of the wrong calcium? Well, on Good Morning America I previewed a CT scan of the heart that was able to discern calcium deposits in the arteries near the aorta before they become a blockage produced heart attack. I couldn’t believe it. The scan showed the same type of hardened calcium deposits building up in some of our arteries no differently than the pot I threw away years ago.

I researched different types of calcium further, which is a good thing for everyone to do, especially women suffering from osteoporosis, and found that all calcium is not created equal. Much of it must be combined with other minerals like magnesium or may be unsafe for the heart because “studies show that calcium alone may even be preferentially laid down in arterial walls.” AHA. Since most calcium supplements now automatically come with added magnesium and Vitamin D, it’s not likely these supplements contributed to the calcified arteries in the CT scan. More than likely it was from tap water.

On top of that I learned that “Severe hypercalcemia (high blood levels of calcium) can cause neurologic dysfunction (including confusion, delirium, hallucinations and coma) as well as serious disturbances in muscle contraction.” Don’t some of these neurologic functions like confusion, delirium, and hallucinations sound like dementia and Alzheimer symptoms?

So when someone suggests that drinking tap water is every bit as good as filtered water or distilled–baloney. Calcium isn’t the only potential problem in tap water. The fluoride that’s been added into our drinking water since we baby boomers were kids has never been tested long term or short term. It’s great for cavities, but whatever else it may or may not be doing for our bodies has never been established.

See the video: http://abcnews.go.com/video/playerIndex?id=4190546




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