Earlier Predictions Were Right; More Rain/Snow Less Insurance Coverage

I ran across an article on the Science Daily website from 2006 that predicted more precipitation both summer and winter in some parts of N. America. The article also explained that rising WARM, moist air is the cause of increased precipitation. This coincides with an older article from Mortgage News Daily website about warming ocean temps, which account for rising warm moist air that contributes to a more intense hurricane season too.

After the recent snow blasts in the U.S., the extremes of snowfall were called “hard core evidence” of global cooling instead of acknowledging that warmer moist air is actually causing it. This was an area of discussion on ABC World News recently, whether rain or snow is an indicator of global cooling. No it’s simply increased precipitation, and it was predicted by science.

Science remains adamant about increasingly severe storms due to global warming. Another article on the Science Daily website about a year ago casts the same scenario for more frequent and severe storms.

Are U.S. citizens ready to weather more and greater storms? Most of us think the housing market is bad now, if annual storms get increasingly worse insurance will not support those hit again and again. An article on Mortgage News Daily website made the point, “If you can’t find insurance you can’t get a mortgage. [] If weather-related claims continue at the pace of the last few years it is unlikely that even state and federal coverage will be sustainable.” Houses simply won’t sell because of lack of insurance. The 2007 article continued: “Victim after victim, pawing through the wreckage of their homes, told reporters that they were uninsured, either because their premiums had skyrocketed into the realm of unaffordable over the last few years or because their insurance had been cancelled outright.”

The article went on to list the insurance companies that dropped policies on states along the eastern seaboard already. Combine that with dropped policies along the California coastline and it isn’t rosy. The article acknowledged, “The effects of such warming [global] are still being debated but some estimates are that ocean temperatures will increase 1 degree or more (contributing to the nourishment of hurricanes which are expected to increase in intensity and become a threat to more northern locations than before)…” We saw that during the last hurricane season storms traveled much farther up the eastern seaboard in the Atlantic.

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