Happy Earth Day 2011

It’s Earth Day today and also Passover weekend. Once again I remind those that follow the bible that the word “EARTH” appears over 700 times there. I think it’s a good sign that our Maker, no matter what faith we uphold, wants all of us to CARE for the earth. On this Earth Day 2011 take the time to ask yourself if you are doing your part even in the smallest way to advance the idea that we are indeed the caretakers of our entire environment and whether or not we have done a good job of it. From all that I’ve seen through my research for blogs, we can do much, much better as a country.

Earth Day 2011 is proposing a Billion Acts of Green. Visit Earth Day’s website and get involved, donate, and/or pass the word about taking care of the earth in earnest, especially the USA. We are shamefully low on the list of the greenest countries and need to improve. The brightest and best movement I’ve seen in the U.S. that will go a long way toward enlightening us about our role as caretakers and improve our empathy for all living things is the “Green Faith” movement.

Through the “Green Faith” movement maybe the stigma of “politics” can finally be removed from environmental awareness and bolster our progress as a nation toward engaging in a better world for us and our children. All living things should be embraced as the gifts they were initially intended. Once they’re gone, they are gone forever, a sore lesson to learn too late.

As a reminder how precious some of the life that we as humans have put into peril by our consumption and waste watch the following videos:


Or if you’re more inclined, goto Green Faith’s page from the link above. Whatever you choose “DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING” this Earth Day 2011. We’re counting on a “Billion Acts of Green!”


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