Latest Budget Bill Will Take the Gray Wolf Off Endangered List; No Science Behind the Move and Predator Coyote Populations Will Take Over

I haven’t blogged much lately but I’ve got a coyote problem in my own yard in Michigan right now. I don’t let my cats out at night anyway but it’s still unnerving to find half eaten rabbits lying around right under my living room window. And when I bury the carcass, no matter how deep, it gets dug up anyway. My coyote problem has me thinking about the plight of our Yellowstone wolves and possibly Michigan’s wolf population once again, since wolves keep coyote populations down. I wrote to both Senators Levin and Stabenow on behalf of our wolves but when Stabenow’s reply relied on the USFWS’ management program, I sent a nasty reply back. The USFWS is corrupt as far as I am concerned with no science behind it, and much pandering to big hunting conglomerates like Safari Club International and hunting outfitters like Cabelas stoking the bloodthirsty flame.

The problem lies in our ignorance in the U.S. to just accept the old correlation between wolves and all that is evil and leave them—well—“to the wolves” or our USFWS management program. Wolves are too often blamed for carnage that should be attributed to coyotes or wild dog packs. I even had someone send me a video a couple of years ago about the horrible problem of wolves out west. Ignorance abounds because the video depicted a coyote not a wolf roaming through the center of a town.

People need to get educated about wolves. I’m repeating myself here but a 3-year USDA study was done on radio-collared wolves living around the perimeter of cattle fields. The carnage in a 3-year time period was negligible considering the wolf packs traversed the cattle fields on a regular basis. The study shows wolves are not indiscriminate killers in any way and have done far more good in Yellowstone than any of the hunting conglomerates that want to eradicate them. It also shows that our government agencies are like the right hand not knowing what the left is doing. The USFWS should meet up with the USDA sometime relative to wolf studies—duh.

The fact is wolves keep coyote populations down. And coyotes are the reason for the carnage many ranchers and hunters complain about. There simply isn’t any science behind the wolf kill we are about to experience out west since part of the latest budget bill also allows the grey wolf to be taken off the endangered list and at the hands of states looking to eradicate them altogether. This is a travesty for our wolves because they are endangered ever so much more since the last round of killing done at the hands of big hunting sources and condoned by the states of Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. I’ve been bugging Carl Levin lately to read the USDA study regarding wolves on the floor of the senate to stop the wolf hunts based on nonsense once and for all.

If the wolves are delisted again, the same bloodthirsty states will do their best to eradicate all of them like we did at the beginning of the 1900’s. It just goes to show our country is headed in an ignorant backward direction. What was the sense introducing the wolves back into Yellowstone at all? After all the good the wolves have done for the park, this is the thanks they get—inhumane methods of eradication. And they’re the animals?

God help the U.S. We’re becoming more and more un-empathetic and inhumane over time and our agencies, like the USFWS are operating for the sheer power of the dollar thrown at them while neglecting real science and humane management.

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