Congressional Allies of Big Oil Hold Payroll Tax Bill Hostage to Extort XL Pipeline Deal

That’s right. It is what it is and we’ve seen this act for quite a while. Riders that are detrimental to the environment and wildlife attached to important bills like the one that threw wolves under the bus are a regular occurrence in a far too corporate friendly congress these days. The Sierra Club, SaveOurEnvironment, and other environmental groups report that this morning congressional allies of big oil attached a rider to the Payroll Tax Cut bill “to ignore public input, good science and environmental laws and fast-track a decision on the Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline in the next 60 days.”

I have to ask whether the country is ours any longer? It hasn’t been but a month since citizens showed up en masse to surround the White House protesting the XL pipeline because it’s an attack on clean air, is bound for Asia, not us, and it will ultimately hike our prices for gas at the pump when demand from a billion people happens.

I have to think this decision comes on the heels of China and Trans Canada’s inability to forge an alternate route for the dirty tar sands oil through British Columbia and exit to Asia through the ports there. As I wrote, British Columbia was being eyed as an alternate route for the tar sands pipeline as more and more resistance for it became apparent in the U.S. British Columbia citizens were up in arms and just recently First Nations of British Columbia, (native ancestry in the B.C. Canada area) banned the transport of tar sands oil across their land.

So it appears pressure has been put back on us for “CHINA’S TAR SAND OIL.” And what is the U. S. supposed to say when we’re entangled with the communist country and a debtor to them? This is just the taste of the “nothing good” that will come of relations between us and China in the future when China infringes more and more on our land, wildlife, and citizen’s property. Remember eminent domain can happen anywhere along that XL pipeline meaning a U.S. citizen loses part of his/her property for the good of China and the profit of big oil. The citizen will only get the going market rate on his/her property that he/she didn’t want to give up to begin with. It’s treasonous to me that a citizen can lose his/her U.S. property to a foreign country.

Send a message to your senators now to stand strong against the XL Tar Sands Pipeline. It’s Canada’s problem.


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