mechanistic organization is characterized by a relatively high degree of job specialization, rigid departmentalization, many layers of management (particularly middle management), narrow spans of control, centralized decision-making, and a long chain of command.

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What Are Mechanistic Organizations Quizlet?

Organization that is mechanized. hierarchical organization with highly centralized authority, formalized procedures, and specialized functions; rigid and tightly controlled, hierarchical organizations are characterized by highly centralized authority, formalized procedures, and specialized functions.

What Of The Following Best Describes Mechanistic And Organic Organizations?

The following describes mechanistic and organic organizations best. Organizational structures that are mechanized are bureaucratic in nature, and they tend to have more centralized authority, while organic structures require teamwork and collaboration more than mechanized structures.

Does Job Specialization Make It Harder To Replace Individual Employees?

The division of work is the process of breaking down a task into smaller parts and having each part or step performed by a different person. The job specialization of employees makes it harder to replace them.

What Is A Mechanistic Organization?

In a mechanistic organization, departments are divided into separate units and roles are independently performed. Companies with mechanistic structures run like bureaucracies, which have established chains of command to manage their operations.

What Is Mechanistic Organization Example?

Medical institutions such as hospitals, universities, and governments are examples of mechanistic structures. It is commonly used in manufacturing environments to construct mechanistic organizational structures.

What Is Rigid Organizational Structure?

There are some signs of a rigid organization: A centralized ‘command and control’ style of leadership reigns supreme. There are many layers of management between the top and bottom of this hierarchical organization. There are a few small spans of control. silos that operate independently of one another.

What Is A Characteristic Of A Mechanistic Organization Quizlet?

The formalization of mechanized and organic organizations is low. Organizations that are organic have standardized jobs, while mechanistic organizations are adaptive. The organic organization is flexible, while the mechanistic organization is stable.

What Is An Example Of A Mechanistic Organization?

Each person is typically assigned one task that is relatively stable and easy to control in mechanistic organizations. Medical institutions such as hospitals, universities, and governments are examples of mechanistic structures.

Which One Of Followings Is Not A Characteristic Of A Mechanistic Organization?

C) Flexibility is the correct choice.

What Are Mechanistic Organizations?

A mechanized organization has centralized decision making and a formal, standardized control system. They are essentially bureaucracies in the sense that they are governed by laws. Stable, simple environments are ideal for mechanistic organizations. A formal meeting or channel is used by managers to coordinate the activities of clearly defined departments.

What Is Mechanistic And Organic Organization?

An organized mechanistic organization. An organic organization. In a mechanistic organization, the top is occupied by power and authority. An organic organizational structure is characterized by a flat surface with each member having equal authority and power.

Which Of The Following Is A Difference Between A Mechanistic And An Organic Organization?

A mechanistic organization makes decisions by decentralized means, while an organic organization makes decisions by centralized means. A mechanistic organization uses advice and information to communicate, while an organic organization uses orders and instructions to communicate.

Which Of The Following Best Describe An Organic Organization?

It is relatively easy for organic organizations to adapt to changes in their environment. In addition to low complexity, low centralization, and low formalization, it is characterized by low complexity. In contrast, a mechanistic organization is characterized by high complexity, high centralization, and high formalization.

What Is The Difference Between A Mechanistic Model And An Organic Model Of Organizational Structure?



General tasks

Specialized tasks

Loosely defined departments and hierarchy

Well-defined departments with clear hierarchy

Decentralized decision making by many individuals

Centralized decision making by a few people

Which Of The Following Is A Disadvantage Of Job Specialization?

What is one of the disadvantages of job specialization? Employees may become bored and unsatisfied if they are forced to do it too much.

What Is An Advantage Of Job Specialization Quizlet?

It is more efficient for people to master only one task rather than all of them. What is an advantage of job specialization? Training employees is easier with it.

What Is The Rationale Of Specialization?

Specialization has many advantages. One person cannot handle the job of one organization. It is important that the individual is able to learn a specific task efficiently.

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