Octopus refunds the remaining value on its e-purse only when it has issued a refund. If you wish to receive a refund of your remaining Octopus e-purse value on the Octopus e-purse at any MTR Customer Service Centre, you can do so either by phone or online. Pay with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Huawei Pay to reload the Octopus. Cash.

What Is The Octopus Card Limit?

If your Octopus Card’s stored value limit is exceeded, you can top up with up to HK$3,000.

How Does Octopus Card Work?

As you walk on and off public transportation, you wave your card over readers. The MTR subway machines will calculate your fare and deduct the amount you owe. Octopus cards can also be used to travel by ferry, light rail, tram, and even taxi, as well as the metro and public buses.

Does Octopus Card Expire?

About 1. Two million Octopus cards issued two decades ago will expire in two years, as the operator of Hong Kong’s cashless payment system pursues a larger foothold in the e-wallet market. Octopus’ Android smartphone app, O!, cannot be linked to these “first-generation” cards.

Can I Transfer Octopus Money To My Bank Account?

Wallet users can transfer the value of their cards to their Wallet account, and then transfer the money in the Wallet account to their bank accounts using the Octopus Wallet function.

How Do I Withdraw Money From Octopus App?

  • To access your wallet, tap the “Wallet” icon in the main menu.
  • To transfer out, tap “Transfer out”.
  • Tap “Transfer” to input the transaction amount.
  • Make sure the transaction information and transfer fee are correct.
  • The transaction has been completed.
  • Is Octopus Card A Debit Card?

    Adult version of the Octopus card since 2017


    Hong Kong


    Pay as you go

    Auto recharge

    Automatic Add Value Service (through credit cards)

    How Negative Can An Octopus Card Go?

    If a card is used with insufficient funds, it will incur negative value – both types of cards can carry a maximum negative value of HK$35 or HK$50 (depending on the card issue date) before value can be added to them again.

    How Much Does An Octopus Card Cost?




    HK$150 = Deposit $50 + Initial stored value $100

    Child (3-11)

    HK$70 = Deposit $50 + Initial stored value $20


    HK$70 = Deposit $50 + Initial stored value $20

    What Can Octopus Card Be Used For?

    Octopus cards are reusable contactless smart cards that can be used to make electronic payments online or offline in Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, the Octopus card is also widely used in retail shops, including convenience stores, supermarkets, and fast food joints.

    Can You Go Negative On Octopus Card?

    Your Octopus will have a positive value (HK$0). If you have a negative value of up to HK$35* on a single occasion, which will be automatically recovered when your Octopus is reloaded when it is next reloaded, you can still complete the transaction.

    Can I Reactivate My Octopus Card?

    Octopuses will be deactivated after 1,000 days of inactivity. If you want to reactivate it for free, you can go to any MTR station’s customer service center.

    How Do I Update My Octopus Card?

  • The Octopus App will allow you to upgrade the stored value limit of your card; click “Settings” to do so.
  • The Octopus Card should be upgraded to the stored value limit.
  • If your Octopus Card’s stored value limit is exceeded, you can top up with up to HK$3,000.
  • Can You Share An Octopus Card?

    Octopus cards can be added to both iPhone and Apple Watch devices to use it. You can transfer your Octopus along with the remaining value and other Octopus Services, such as AAVS, if you wish to use it on an iPhone or Apple Watch. There will be no change to the Octopus number.

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