You can buy the Desert Eagle in smaller calibers at, but it is not really a user-friendly gun, holds to a few rounds to be practical, and is available in smaller calibers.

Can You Legally Buy A Desert Eagle?

There is a list of “approved” firearms published by California, but unless a particular weapon is on that list, you cannot purchase one there. Magnum Research is currently manufacturing the Desert Eagle 50, and the state has approved only four MR guns for this model.

What Guns Are Legal To Own In Australia?

  • A rifle that fires air or a rifle that fires soft air.
  • Semi-automatic rimfire rifles are not rimfire rifles.
  • There are several types of shotguns (semi-automatic, pump-action, and lever-action) with a magazine capacity of more than five rounds.
  • Guns that are muzzle-loading.
  • What Is A Genuine Reason To Own A Gun In Australia?

    It is necessary to have a legitimate reason for owning a firearm – this may be membership in a shooting club, participation in a recreational shooting range, participation in a collector program, or being a pastoralist or security firm that is properly licensed under the Security and Related Activities (Control) Act 1996.

    Can You Own A 50 Cal Handgun In California?

    California prohibits the possession of 50 BMG (fifty caliber) rifles. California’s assault weapons law, Penal Code 30610 PC, and Penal Code 30600 PC, prohibit them.

    Can You Legally Buy A Desert Eagle In California?

    Is it legal to purchase a Desert Eagle? Desert Eagle DE44CA (Desert Eagle). California is the only state that allows dealers to sell the XIX model 44 Magnum California.

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