The McLaren P1 was never officially offered for sale in Australia, but collectors have been able to acquire P1s, even though they are not legally registered in the states where they were purchased.

How Much Is A Mclaren P1 In Australia?

McLaren P1 will cost Australians close to $2 million, but will be exclusively produced in left-hand drive at racetracks, with confirmation that it will be produced exclusively at racetracks.

Can You Still Get A Mclaren P1?

McLaren P1 production cars cost about $1 million to purchase. There are 2 million people in the world. In 2015, production ended, and all 375 units had been sold out since before production began. Sorry. As of 2015, McLaren produced its P1 GTR model.

How Many Mclarens Are In Australia?

In 2017, McLaren sold 116 cars, but in 2018, it sold 88. Compared to Ferrari Australia, Lamborghini Australia sold 132 cars (up from 122 in 2017).

How Much Is A Mclaren P1 Worth Today?

There is no doubt that the price will increase. $1 is the price of the P1. There are 15 million people in the world. It will cost £1 to purchase the GTR. There are 98 million people in the world. $3 is $3. There are 36 million people in the world.

Are Mclarens Street Legal In Australia?

The McLaren Elva is the lightest street-legal car ever built by McLaren, weighing in at around 1200 kilograms and featuring a carbon fibre chassis and body.

How Much Does A Mclaren Cost In Australia?


Ranges from $ 379,000.00 to $435,750.00

Release Date

From September 2015 to April 2018

Drive Type


VIN Plate Location

On Floor Behind Driver Seat

Compliance Plate Location

Pass Side on Door Apert.

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