The rum is imported from the Virgin Islands and then blended with spices at Heaven Hill Distilleries in Bardstown, Kentucky, to create this whiskey.

What Kind Of Liquor Is Black Heart?

The character Blackheart is bold, brazen, risque, and cutthroat. This premium spiced rum has an extraordinary taste, a smooth texture, and an edge that would make even the most discerning of cutlasses jealous. A hint of vanilla is teased out in the mouth at the beginning of Blackheart.

What Proof Is Blackheart Rum?

The Blackheart Premium Spiced Rum is a smooth, 93 proof spiced rum that is easy to mix and enjoy.

Who Made Black Heart Rum?

During the Crimean war of 1854-56, Henry White sold Rum to troops, and thus it was first produced in 1842. Black Heart is the darkest of all Rums and has a strong, rich flavor with a smooth, rounded finish. Molasses, honey, and chocolate flavors are prominent in this fruity beverage.

Is Blackheart A Good Rum?

Although the rum is stated to be 93 proof, it is quite smooth despite its claim. The rum is still sippable with ice, but it works even better as a mixer, bringing just enough rum and spice to give your spiced rum and cola mixed drink a little swagger.

Who Owns Blackheart Rum?

The company owns Blackheart Premium Spiced Rum, a distilled spirits company that is America’s largest independent family-owned company. Paul Asencio, UFC Senior Vice President of Global Partnerships, said the company was delighted to have Blackheart Premium Spiced Rum as an official partner.

What Do You Mix With Blackheart Rum?

  • The Blackheart & Cola is a popular drink.
  • A ginger ale with a blackheart flavor.
  • A black heart sour beer.
  • Ginger Beer and Blackheart Beer.
  • Root beer with spiced nuts.
  • There is a cherry cola splash.
  • Tea that has been hard iced.
  • Cider spiked with salt.
  • What Percent Alcohol Is Blackheart Rum?

    Blackheart is a blend of premium Caribbean rums and baking spices made by Heaven Hill in Bardstown, Kentucky. A 46-proof bottle is used to accentuate the rebellious nature of the rum. The alcohol content is 5% by volume (93 proof).

    Is Black Heart Rum Gluten Free?

    Rum that is pure and distilled does not contain gluten. Sugarcane molasses or sugarcane juice are the main ingredients in rum.

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