Australia wishes to welcome you with Butterfly releases. Butterfly releases are provided by us, and we do live butterfly releases on a regular basis. Please call 1300 707 062 to learn more about our butterfly release packages and pricing.

Can Butterflies Be Purchased?

Thousands of happy customers have purchased butterflies from us for their weddings, funerals, and memorial events for many years. Butterfly species such as the Painted Lady Butterfly and Monarch Butterfly are our specialty, and we release them live.

Can You Buy Butterflies To Release At A Funeral?

Adding live butterflies to a memorial garden is a simple way to remember a loved one. If possible, live butterflies are shipped the day before their release date. You can even order memorial butterflies directly from us and have them delivered to the funeral home or the location of your choice.

Is It Cruel To Release Butterflies?

The butterfly is cruel to its prey when it is released. It is a fact that the butterflies are raised and handled with care. There is no way to send the butterflies to new environments. As soon as the butterflies are released into the wild, they will continue to live their natural lives.

Is It Illegal To Release Butterflies?

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) regulates interstate butterfly transport. According to USDA rules, only nine butterfly species can be moved across state lines for release, and then only in certain states. A USDA release permit is required for all cases where the animal is allowed to be released.

Can You Buy Monarch Butterflies To Release?

Monarch Butterfly Butterflies come in a variety of sizes, so you can choose the size that suits you. There are over 500 of them available in a dozen sizes. Our live butterflies are automatically released when you buy 100 or more of them.

Can You Purchase Live Butterflies?

Painted Ladies butterflies are available for as low as $49 per dozen. There are three options for releasing a release: an individual release, a mass release, or a combination of both. All butterflies will be shipped in our free individual release boxes unless otherwise specified.

Can You Keep Butterflies As A Pet?

Children and adults alike enjoy being pets with Caterpillars. In addition to being wonderful pets, butterflies require special space and food to thrive.

Can You Send Live Butterflies?

There are live Painted Lady Butterflies available for sale in the United States. Monarch Butterflies, however, cannot be shipped west of the Continental Divide, as they are not available in that area.

Can You Release Butterflies?

A butterfly is a cold-blooded animal. The temperature below 60 degrees is not uncommon for most pilots. In cooler weather, it is best to place the butterfly underneath a low tree limb, as high as you can reach, if you must release them. As a result, they are not able to reach ground predators like ants.

Why Releasing Butterflies Is Bad?

It is possible for diseases and epidemics to spread to native butterfly populations if commercial-raised butterflies are released. There is no point in continuing this issue. The disease and parasite that affect all known biological organisms is known as a disease. Populations have been decimated by diseases spreading from one area to another.

Should Butterflies Be Released?

How should I release my butterflies? As soon as your butterfly hatch, release it. You can keep them in your cage for up to two weeks, but we recommend releasing them on the first nice day that they are ready to leave.

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