Cannabis Seeds Are Legal in Australia Cannabis seeds are legal in Australia because they do not contain any psychoactive or therapeutic properties. It is strongly recommended that our customers become familiar with the laws of their region before ordering cannabis seeds from Growers Choice.

Can You Buy Cannabis Seeds Anywhere?

The transport of cannabis seeds across state lines is illegal, regardless of whether the plant is legal in each state where it is grown. In order to buy seeds online, you must live within your state and the seller must be located there, as it is a legal place to grow marijuana for adults.

Is Ilgm Shipping To Australia?

Our apologies to our previous Australian customers, but we cannot ship to your country anymore. It is our sincere request that you do not place an order with us.

Is Ilgm A Legit Company?

Is ILGM legit? Yes, it is. They have been in the online cannabis seed business for a long time. The company is based in the Netherlands, which makes some people think they are exceptional.

Is Ilgm Discreet Shipping?

ILGM reviews are the best way to find a seed bank that will “protect” you from the law: ships discreetly, packages stealthily, guarantees delivery, offers anonymous payment options, etc.

How Are Ilgm Seeds Shipped?

In general, they ship from Europe and list their address as in the Netherlands. However, they do have a warehouse in the USA where they can ship within 4-6 days to customers based in the United States. Is ILGM able to source its t their seeds from? The seeds of ILGM are bred on its own.

How Long Does Ilgm Take To Ship To Usa?

Customers have praised this company for excellent customer service and fast shipping, with 4-6 business days for USA orders. In addition to the strains, ILGM offers free growing tips, as well as discounts on its products. There are close to 4000 reviews on Trustpilot for this vendor, and they have a 4 out of 5 star rating. 8 stars.

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