This version is adapted from the original American edition to suit the Australian culture. In this new version, there are two new features. There are over 150 new cards in the 0 version. There is only one game in this series.

Is Cards Against Humanity Discontinued?

In addition to being run by eight white dudes, Cards Against Humanity is still owned by the eight original creators.

What Company Sells Cards Against Humanity?


Josh Dillon Daniel Dranove Eli Halpern Ben Hantoot David Munk David Pinsof Max Temkin Eliot Weinstein


Cards Against Humanity LLC

Release date

May 2011


3 – 20+

Age range


What Game Is Similar To Cards Against Humanity?

  • The Apples to the Apples.
  • Dictionary of the Urban Dictionary.
  • The Charty Party was held at the end of the year.
  • Sabotage of the social order.
  • A kitten is imploding.
  • Hazard is a funny name.
  • Do You Know What Do You Meme?
  • Is it stupid or stoned to drink??
  • How Many Versions Of Cards Against Humanity Are There?

    There are six different commercial expansions, nine themed packs, and one additional accessory available in Cards Against Humanity. Additionally, there are three international editions and twenty limited edition releases.

    What Happened To Cards Against Humanity Online?

    There is no longer an online version of Cards Against Humanity. A physical copy can be purchased here for $5.

    Who Owns Card Against Humanity?

    The company Cards Against Humanity LLC is owned and operated by Max Temkin, Josh Dillon, Ben Hantoot, David Munk, Daniel Dranove, Eli Halpern, Eliot Weinstein, and David Pinsof.

    Does Disney Own Cards Against Humanity?

    We grew up watching Disney films as they featured some of our favorite animated characters and stories. As a goodwill gesture, Debbie Fanning purchased the Disney-themed Cards Against Humanity game Cards Against Disney in the belief that Disney would be featured in the title.

    Who Runs Clickhole?


    June 12, 2014

    Key people

    Steve Etheridge, editor in chief


    5 members


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