Chloroform can be synthesized by a chemist without a permit, and it is readily available at most chemical stores, even though it requires a sophisticated knowledge of chemistry.

Is Chloroform Available In Market?

The Merck Chloroform Chemical, 500 Ml, Packaging Type: Glass Bottle, Rs 300 /kg, ID: 15228016748, is available at the following retailers.

How Much Is A Bottle Of Chloroform?

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Is Chloroform Expensive?

There are different costs and health risks associated with different solvents. In general, 1-chlorobutane and chloroform are more expensive than ethyl ether, hexanes, and dichloromethane.

How Many Ingredients Are Banned In Australia?

Schedule 4 of the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Code Regulations 1995 lists 12 chemical products or classes of chemical products that are restricted.

Is Chloroform Legal In America?

Before World War II, it was used as an anesthetic. However, this practice has been banned since then. Additionally, the U.S. The FDA has banned its use in drugs, cosmetics, and food packaging (Kirk-Othmer 1979, ATSDR 1997).

Why Chloroform Is Banned?

As a result of respiratory failure and cardiac arrhythmias, chloroform has been discontinued as an anesthetic.

What Is The Price Of Chloroform?

Packaging Size


2.5 LT

Rs. 1500

200 LT

Rs. 110000

25 LT

Rs. 14000

500 ML

Rs. 300

Can You Buy Chloroform In South Africa?

Buy Chloroform online in South Africa at Takealot. com.

How Much Chloroform Can You Inhale?

When you breathe in 900 parts of chloroform per million parts air (900 ppm) for a short period of time, you may become dizzy, fatigued, and headache-like. If you breathe in air, eat food, or drink water containing high levels of chloroform for a long time, your liver and kidneys may become damaged.

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