Emuaid is available in Sydney. There is no chemist warehouse that sells it. I only know of one place in Australia where it can be imported. You can buy emu aide in Australia on Google.

What’s The Difference Between Emuaid And Emuaid Max?

Emuaid and EmuaidMax are two different products. Original Emuaid and maximum Emuaid are two strengths. Emuaid’s maximum strength contains 2x more Bacillus Ferment, 10x more Tea Tree Oil, and 50x more Vitamin E than its regular strength. Emuaid regular is sufficient for mild cuts and bites.

Do You Need A Prescription For Emuaid?

In order to effectively treat most resistant bacterial and fungal skin conditions, our concentrated ingredients help the body activate its self-healing powers. Muaid is intended for symptomatic relief of self-limiting disease conditions that are amenable to self-treatment without a prescription.

How Quickly Does Emuaid Work?

Emuaid is capable of killing molds, yeast, and bacteria within a minute of contact, according to a time-kill study conducted by a third party laboratory.

What Is The Difference Between Emuaid And Emuaid Max?

Pain and irritation are immediately eliminated and skin health is restored with the concentrated active ingredient. The first time you use EMUAIDMAX, you will experience relief faster and more intensely than with regular strength.

What Is Emuaid Max Good For?

In addition to restoring and relieving inflammation from damaged or irritated skin, EmuaidMAX also helps soothe irritated skin. Pain and blistering caused by tough-to-heal skin conditions such as first-degree burns, bug bites, and razor burns can be reduced by emu oil.

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