Australians abroad and at home prefer Fosters beer. It’s not an Australian, unless you ask me. In addition to Fosters not being a big seller in Australia, there is an even more ironic fact about Fosters: it is not even brewed in Australia, so it is not really an Australian beverage.

Is Foster’s Beer Sold In Australia?

Foster’s is the world’s largest-selling Australian beer brand, but it is not as popular or as rare as other Carlton & United Breweries beers, particularly Victoria Bitter and Carlton Draught.

What Is Fosters Called In Australia?








Southbank, Melbourne, Australia

Key people

Ari Mervis, Chief Executive Officer

Is Fosters Beer Still Available?

In 1886, Foster arrived in Melbourne from New York. The Abbotsford Brewery in Melbourne still produces this beer, which is the first to be made into cold beer. The 1980s were a defining period for Foster’s, when Paul Hogan fronted memorable advertising campaigns.

How Much Is Fosters In Australia?

Foster’s will cost $53 for a can, while Lion’s XXXX Gold will cost $42 for a can. The Victoria Bitter from CUB costs $59 and is available for $95.

Is Fosters Beer Australia Owned?




Asahi Group Holdings

What Beer Is Similar To Fosters?

  • I enjoy Young Henrys Real Ale…
  • A pale ale brewed by the Pines Brewing Company…
  • Three Sheets Pale Ale from Lord Nelson…
  • I enjoy the Nomad Jet Lag IPA…
  • A Kite Flyer Cream Ale from Modus Operandi…
  • The Boatman The Bulger…
  • This is a Mountain Goat Steam Ale…
  • The Coopers Brewery’s best extra stout.
  • Is Crown Lager And Fosters The Same?

    There is a 4 out of 5 rating for Crown Lager. Foster’s Group’s Carlton & United Breweries (CUB) produces 9% premium Australian beer. Originally known as Foster’s Crown Lager, the beer was first brewed in 1919.

    Can You Buy Foster’s Beer In Australia?

    You may not believe it, but finding Foster’s beer in Australia – what many international drinkers consider the country’s beer of choice – is a challenge. Foster’s will cost $53 for a can, while Lion’s XXXX Gold will cost $42 for a can. The Victoria Bitter from CUB costs $59 and is available for $95.

    What Is Australia’s Number 1 Selling Beer?

    Australia’s best-selling beer by volume is Victoria Bitter (VB).

    Where Does Fosters Come From?

    Foster’s began life as an Australian beer mimicking “lighter European-style” lagers, not as a British beer pretending to be Australian. The company was founded in 1887 by two American brothers, William and Ralph Foster, who sold up and returned to the US shortly thereafter.

    Is Fosters Still Brewed In Australia?

    As we all know, Foster’s lager is an Australian brand; it is not an Australian beer in Britain’s pubs and supermarkets. The beer may be called “Australian for lager”, but it’s not the first beer you’d think of. It is brewed in Manchester, not Melbourne, for 2 billion pints of amber nectar a year.

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