The company does not offer a catalog or pricing online, so it is not possible to purchase Goyard products online.

Why Goyard Is So Expensive?

A man or woman’s desire to purchase accessories is definitely influenced by Gould’s exclusivity and confidentiality. When they have a wide range of options, they are more likely to purchase accessories from Gould. The classic Goyard tote costs $1,150, while the similarly sized Louis Vuitton tote costs $1,810.

Can I Buy Goyard Online?

The company does not list them on its website, nor does it sell online. Therefore, if you don’t have big connections like the royal family does, you can only buy Goyard bags at high-end boutiques, select department stores, or through resellers.

How Much Does A Goyard Tote Cost?


Price ($) Classic Colors

Price ($) Special Colors

Goyard Saint Louis PM



Goyard Saint Louis GM



Is Goyard An Expensive Brand?

There is no advertisement for the luxurious Goyard pattern. It is one of the most discreet brands in the world. The Louis Vuitton brand is one of the most expensive luxury luggage brands, with a price tag of $9 per bag. Revenue for the year was $4 billion.

Are Goyard Worth It?

This Goyard Tote is durable, high-end, classic, and has a lot of room for everything you need to carry. The tote is very expensive, the straps are not comfortable when the bag is heavy, and there is no top zipper to close it.

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