The Guinea Bird is a strange-looking bird, but it is becoming increasingly popular in Australian backyards and living spaces.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Guinea Fowl?

The Guinea fowl chick (also known as keet) is widely available at hatcheries and farms throughout the country. The price of these flowers will generally range from $4 – $8 for the common colors such as pearl, royal purple, and white guinea.

Can You Buy Guinea Fowl?

Small independent breeders are the only ones who can supply Guinea fowl. Auctions of poultry are conducted regularly. There are large hatcheries in the area. Individuals who are private.

Can You Have A Guinea Fowl As A Pet?

It is not a good idea to keep Guinea fowl as pets. The keets of Guinea do not imprint or fixate on the hen when they hatch, unlike chicks or ducklings. The behavior of Guineas is very instinctive, and it drives them all the way through their lives. Wild and not easily domesticated, they are not easy to tame.

Can You Own Guinea Fowl?

The feathers on guinea fowl are featherless, and their coloring is weird. They are not the most attractive poultry. In addition to their looks, these birds have a lot of personality and skill sets, which make them excellent pets and can be a valuable addition to any farm.

Are There Wild Guinea Fowl In Australia?

Wild birds native to Africa, the Guinea fowl are native to the continent. Hard shells are laid on the eggs, which can be eaten. guinea fowl are primarily used to eat bugs in vineyards and orchards in Australia.

What Does Guineas Sell For?



50 – 99


100 – 499


500 – 999




How Much Do Guinea Eggs Sell For?

Eggs for guinea fowl are typically priced between $1 and $3, and they are roughly the same in British pounds £. There is a range of $3 to $6 or around £2 for a kebab. 50 to £5.

How Much Does A Vulturine Guinea Fowl Cost?

The Vulturine Guinea costs between $25 and $50 per hatching egg, and it can cost as much as $1500. The price of a pair of shoes is $10.00.

Can You Buy A Guinea Fowl?

It may be difficult to get some Guineas because they are not common. The season of their production is much more seasonal than that of chickens, and they are generally only available from May to October or from spring to summer.

Where Can I Find Guinea Fowl?

There are many species of guineafowl in sub-Saharan Africa, some almost everywhere, others more locally oriented, such as the plumed guineafowl in west-central Africa and the vulturine guineafowl in north-eastern Africa.

Can You Keep Guinea Fowl?

It is no secret that guinea fowls are easy to keep, provided you have plenty of space and no neighbors nearby. They are independent birds, self-sufficient foragers who will eat their own food whenever they want. Their eggs are found in the spring and summer, so they are productive layers.

Can You Raise Guinea Fowl?

In addition to raising Guinea fowl for meat and eggs, they can also be used for poultry. Young guineas are tender and taste like wild game when eaten. A high percentage of essential amino acids are present in the meat. Chicken eggs can be eaten as well as Guinea eggs (and should be collected daily if not used for hatching purposes).

What Are Guinea Fowl Like As Pets?

Although they don’t make cuddly pets, they will become more social and friendly if they are raised with chickens or other animals or handled from a young age. It is sometimes observed that Guinea fowl have non-functioning brains.

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