The possession of needles and syringes is not an offence in all states and territories, except Western Australia. Despite this, illicit drugs remain a crime in Australia, regardless of their use or possession.

Do You Need A Prescription To Get Needles From A Pharmacy?

A California law (AB1743) allows pharmacies and physicians to sell or provide an unlimited number of syringes without a prescription to customers over the age of 18, and allows adults to purchase and possess syringes for personal use when they obtain them from an authorized source.

Can You Buy Syringes At A Pharmacy?

Pharmacists are protected from prosecution for providing hypodermic syringes without a prescription under the Pharmacy Access Bill (AB 2077). Drug users are also protected from prosecution for owning hypodermic needles.

Can I Buy Syringes Over The Counter In Australia?

The Australian government does not require a prescription to purchase needles and syringes.

Can Civilians Buy Syringes?

pharmacies are allowed to sell needles and syringes to adults 18 years and older without a prescription under California law. Adult syringes can be purchased in any number. It is legal for Californians to possess syringes for personal use. It is not a requirement that you are over the age of 18.

Can I Buy Syringes Over The Counter?

A California Assembly Bill 1743 (Ting, Chapter 331, Statutes of 2014) allows physicians and pharmacists to supply or sell syringes without a prescription to adults 18 years of age or older in order to prevent disease.

Can I Buy Needles At A Pharmacy?

Medical devices such as syringes and hypodermic needles are used by patients. There is no prescription required for either. Pharmacy or Amazon or Ebay are both places where you can buy them. The prescription is required if you want your insurance to cover them.

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