Les Mills SMART TECH equipment can be found directly from Blue Fitness in Australia. SMART TECH equipment from Les Mills is used globally to enhance performance and integrate with Les Mills programs.

How Much Does Les Mills Cost Australia?

Customers of Telstra TV can take advantage of this exclusive introductory offer. Only new LES MILLS+ customers can take advantage of this free trial. You will be charged for subscriptions and data. It costs $24 per month to be a member. You must cancel or change your subscription after 30 days of the trial period if you wish to keep the subscription for 99 dollars.

Can You Do Les Mills Without Equipment?

LES MILLS+ workouts do not usually require any equipment. We recommend at least 6 square meters of clear space for moving safely.

Do Les Mills Instructors Get Discount On Equipment?

Instructors at Les Mills are entitled to a discount as part of their LES MILLS Instructor program. You must create an account on our equipment site in order to receive the discount. Once you checkout, you will see your discounts applied to your cart.

Can You Do Les Mills Bodypump Without A Barbell?

Is there anything I can do without without a BARBELL? BodyPUMP and LES MILLS GRIT Strength are weight-based exercises that can be performed with any dumbbell, weight plate, kettlebell, or resistance band. These workouts are packed with options and modifications, so you can even use your own body weight.

Do You Need Equipment For Les Mills Grit?

A LES MILLS GRIT WORKOUT is what you need. The LES MILLS GRIT Cardio option is the only option that requires any additional equipment. The barbell and weight plates are necessary for LES MILLS GRIT Strength, while the bench and weight plates are required for LES MILLS GRIT Athletic.

Can You Do Les Mills Step Without A Step?

Dance programs such as BARRE, BODYSTEP, and BODYATTACK can be performed without any steps (you don’t want to fall), without jumping, without body percussion, without RPM, and without twisting or prone positions.

Can You Do Bodypump Without Weights?

It is possible for anyone to do this. The older I get, the more I see people doing Body Pump. You can choose the weight (or even just bodyweight) that works for you, and it is incredibly customizable. This class is still available if you have never lifted weights in your life.

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