It is legal to have ducks.

Are Mandarin Ducks In Australia?

Australia does not have an established feral population. Mandarin Duck is a duck native to north east Asia, but is also found in much of Europe and North America. Bird species in aviculture are common in Brisbane, but there is only one record of an escaped bird.

How Much Is It To Buy A Mandarin Duck?

A pair of juvenile mandarin ducks costs $249.

Can I Raise Mandarin Ducks?

The mandarin duck is a very close relative of the wood duck, so raising them together is fine. In order to lay properly, they need nesting boxes, just as their cousin does.

Is It Legal To Own Mandarin Ducks?

There is no need to buy a second one. The duck is easy to keep, but just because you can buy one doesn’t mean it’s legal to own one: In New York, for example, it’s illegal to keep a duck as a pet (alongside bears, cobras, whales, etc.

Are Mandarin Ducks Endangered?

Mandarin duck / Conservation status: Least Concern (population decreasing)

Can You Buy Live Mandarin Ducks?

The Mandarin Duck is typically available for sale in the fall and spring. The birds are usually sold out even though we raise a large number each year. In addition, a waiting list is kept throughout the year.

Are Mandarin Ducks Invasive?

Mandarin Duck (Aix galericulata)

Three Mandarin duck females seen just outside Forres, Scotland

Invasive Status

Mildly Invasive

Population increasing

Natural Range

Where Can I Find Mandarin Duck?

Winters in southern China and Japan are the wintering season for Mandarin ducks, which breed in Siberia, China, and Japan. A small number of free-flying birds can be found in Britain thanks to the release of captive bred birds.

Do Mandarin Ducks Make Good Pets?

It is no secret that Mandarin ducks are very popular pets; in fact, according to one report from the Netherlands, they are “by far the most popular duck kept in private collections” there.

Can You Domesticate A Mandarin Duck?

Mandarin Duck: Does it make a good pet? The duck is not a good pet in general. The breed is somewhat difficult to breed, and they are not particularly friendly. Some people who have experience with poultry do keep them as ornamental or breeding birds, however.

How Much Room Do Mandarin Ducks Need?

Mandarin ducks require a minimum of 100 square feet of space per pair. It is ideal to have a 10 x 10 aviary. If the Mandarins are smaller than this, they will fly into the walls if they are not. Hardware cloth should be used to cover the top and bottom of the aviary. It should be at least six feet high.

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