There is no license or permit required to own replica / imitation guns that do not fire. Even replica submachine guns, assault rifles, and machine guns are legal as of Feb 1st 2021. If it was never a real firearm, then it is not considered one by the Police Weapons Licensing Department.

Is It Legal To Buy Replica Guns?

Any person who manufactures, enters into commerce, ships, transports, or receives any toy, look-alike, or imitation firearm, unless such firearm contains, or has been affixed to, a marking approved by the Secretary of Commerce, is prohibited from doing so.

Are Denix Replicas Legal In Australia?

A famous European manufacturer of museum quality replicas and imitations, Denix has been making replicas and imitations for over 100 years. From vintage flintlocks to modern automatic firearms, they offer a wide range of firearms. The state of Queensland currently allows the sale and ownership of imitation / non-firing replica firearms.

Is It Legal To Own A Replica Gun In Western Australia?

It is legal to sell and own replica pistols and rifles in both Queensland and Western Australia without a special license or permit, regardless of where they are located.

Are Non-firing Replica Guns Legal In Australia?

There is no need to obtain a weapons licence for Category A, B, C, and H non-firing replica weapons. There are restrictions on replicas that do not burn. If you are purchasing replicas that do not fire, you should contact Weapons Licensing. For more information, please refer to section 6A of the Weapons Act 1990.

Are Denix Replicas Any Good?

The game was fun and solid. I have been using this replica revolver for a few weeks now and have been very impressed with its detail, especially with the nickel finish and the wood grips, which make it heavier and more substance than a plastic-wrapped denix revolver.

Can You Make A Denix Replica Fire?

There are no firing pins on the Denix replicas, and they cannot be used to fire blanks or real rounds. It can result in severe injury or even death if you do so. A red / orange resin plug in barrel identifies the replica as a Denix replica according to US Federal Law.

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