It turns out that FedEx and UPS both list dangerous goods under their “dangerous goods” lists, and they charge hazmat shipping fees to ship them. In other words, at least one brand of strike anywhere matches was discontinued due to high shipping costs.

Can You Strike Matches Anywhere?

There are all the chemicals in the match head in these. You can strike the match on almost any surface — even your pant leg! The only thing needed to light the match is friction. Strike-anywhere matches have historically been the most common way to light fires (and pipes and cigarettes have been the most common way to smoke).

Are Diamond Matches Strike Anywhere?




Available in 300-count and 3-pack (900 total matches)

What Makes A Match Strike Anywhere?

A match should be rubbed against a red phosphorus-containing abrasive surface. As a result of the friction between the two, red phosphorus turns into white (an oxygen-oxidizing substance). phosphorus is found on the match head of strike-anywhere matches.

How Do You Know If A Match Is Strike Anywhere?

Safety matches (top) are usually red or blue in color, though they can also be green in color. A strike anywhere match has a red head with a white tip; the phosphorus is the white tip.

Where Can You Light Strike Anywhere Match?

Safety matches cannot be ignited without the strike strip, so you cannot light them with your fingers as you can see. You can also scratch the tip of the match with your fingernail to light it up.

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