The Zara website has now been made available to Australians, as you’re well aware-and we’re sure you had an alert in your calendar. zara. com/au. It is an extremely positive development for fans of the popular Spanish high street label, especially those who do not live near a store.

Does Zara Have Online Shopping In Australia?

Zara is no longer just for Australians in the capital cities anymore. Zara Australia Online was introduced on March 14, 2018, making it even easier to shop there. In store or by post, they offer a 30-day free return policy, which takes four to five days to process.

Does Zara Ship To Aus?

All parts of Australia can order Zara online.

Why Is Zara Australia Different?

Zara Australia Stores do not offer the same selection as the USA online store. Due to this, many Zara fans from Australia are unable to access the latest US releases. The USA online shop does not offer international shipping.

Does Zara Exist In Australia?

The ZARA brand has retail stores in Australia, and now you can shop online – yes, Australians can shop online now.

Does Zara Us Ship To Australia?

In addition to Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Malaysia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, we also offer international

Does Zara Offer Free Shipping?

Is there a way to get free shipping on a Zara purchase? You can have your order shipped to your home or pick up at a drop off point for free if you spend more than $50 on your order.

How Long Does Zara Shipping Take?

You will always have to wait for shipping times based on where you live – and whether you are making a purchase during the holiday season. Zara’s store deliveries generally take three to five days, standard deliveries take two to four days, and express deliveries can be expected within one to two days, however.

Is Zara An Australian Brand?

If you haven’t heard of it, one of the biggest fashion retailers in Australia has opened its doors in Melbourne. In Australia’s two largest markets, Zara now has flagship stores following its successful launch in Sydney.

Does Zara Australia Have Sales?

The Zara brand is notoriously not known for its discounts, just sales that tend to fall in line with the big sales periods of the year, such as Boxing Day and June. It is likely that the first week of the sale will have a discount of 10% to 25%, the second week 40% to 50% off, and the third week can have a discount of 75% or more.

Has Zara Home Closed In Australia?

As of March 19, all 20 Zara stores in Australia will remain open, and no temporary closures are planned. As with our supply chain, our business model is flexible, which allows us to operate normally, Mr Isla said.

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