The BBA, or the Best Businesses Awards, is an event that takes place once a year in America. It is a fantastic opportunity for small businesses to stack themselves up against their opposition and show themselves to the world. Some of the world’s best businesses today were built on the backs of winning these awards.


For those who don’t know about the Best Businesses Awards, let us break it down for you. There are six different categories, each with its own award up for grabs. Hospitality covers restaurants, bars, and catering. Industrial focuses on companies that mass-produce technology, equipment or provide specialized construction. Construction, of course, focuses on the businesses that build our cities and maintain our infrastructure. Retail covers any business that sells directly to the general public. Financial focuses on banks, lending agencies, wealth management firms, and other areas. And last you have the Charity award, which is given to non-profits that have made a significant impact.

Each state runs its own state-wide nomination competition where the public can vote for which business they want to be put into each category. Every state must decide on one business for each category to face up in the nation-wide segment of the award. To make it to this stage is a great honor in and of itself.


Every year, bookies and journalists speculate about which state is going to claim the most awards. There is no rule saying one state cant claim more than one award. And it is possible for one state to win all six awards, but very unlikely.

This doesn’t stop people from making their own speculation brackets or placing bets. It becomes a great matter of pride for the residents of any given state. The outcome of the awards is determined by an independent panel of judges who tour around the nation meeting all these businesses. There is a panel for each category made up of experts in that field.

The speculation this year though is rather surprising. For the first time, a lot of bookies have Connecticut as the favorite to win in three different categories. Hospitality, construction, and Industrial.

Why Connecticut

This is the first time in the state’s history that it is speculated to win this many awards in one go. While the state has a few awards to its name, it has never earned more than one award at any one time. But recent years have seen Connecticut prosper and grow. With its business landscape improving ten-fold.

One of the businesses that has been nominated is a Waterfords roofers near me that I have made use of in the past. Recently they have over-hauled their business and it has had a positive effect. Their customer satisfaction ratings have gone up to nearly 90% and they are even considering expanding to a new location.

The restaurant that has been nominated has also seen similar improvements being made and has won a few local food awards along with being featured on a few cooking shows. The engagement from the community has been staggering, with more people flocking to try the restaurant now that it has been nominated.

It is no surprise that Connecticut is being speculated to clean house at the BBA’s. The entire state has seemingly been swept up in a wave of local communities supporting their local businesses. And the knock-on effect is the businesses have been booming.


But we need to remember this is all speculation at the end of the day. No one can know for certain which state is going to win which awards. And there are certain states that always seem to do well, no matter what. States like Washington or New York always seem to nab at least one award. For obvious reasons.

And another sleeper hit is the state of Iowa. Known for not doing so well in the BBA’s, this year the Iowa nominations are extremely tough and ready to stand up with the best of them.

It really is anyone’s game this year. So stay tuned to this site and we will give you updates on the BBA’s as they come in.


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