Though none of us could anticipate a pandemic hitting the world in 2020, the thing that everyone anticipated least was the knock-on effect that the pandemic would have on the world entirely. Due to the fact that not many of us had previously lived through a pandemic, it was hard to predict how every element of our lives would be hit by it.

Some changes were expected, such as trade compromise and the lack of international travel. However, there were many aspects of the first wave that nobody could have predicted, such as the loss of toilet roll and the bulk-buying of much-needed hospital PPE by ignorant citizens. Something that really took the world by surprise is the changes that were made to the smaller parts of our lives and absolutely nobody could have guessed that little things like advertising could be influenced by the pandemic.

For those of you not involved in the world of advertising, you may be confused by the changes that were made as a product of the pandemic. However, it is important to remember that there are strict laws in advertising to ensure that advertisements follow the right guidelines. Here is how the pandemic has changed advertising laws.


Street Promotion

Something that a lot of companies do as a way to promote their business is street promotion. This consists of hiring a team of people to represent your brand and engage with the public. These people are expected to be charismatic and engaging with the goal to take potential customers to the side and speak to them about the business and the products or services that the business offers.

Of course, one of the biggest rules to come out of the pandemic is social distancing. In most places, it is required that you stay six feet away from anyone not within your household. Being a street promoter is hard enough when you can actually engage with the customer, but not being able to speak to them up close makes it difficult.

Trying to speak to someone from six feet away is not an easy task. Most street promoting happens within a busy mall or shopping center, so speaking to someone from that distance really won’t work, and shouting to them will just come across as rude and abrasive.  For these reasons, street advertising and promotion have been put on the back burner for a while.


Billboard favoring the NHS

Though this isn’t really a new legislative law, you may have noticed that fewer and fewer businesses are being advertised on billboards or display screens for digital advertising. This is happening for a number of reasons, firstly many people are being asked to stay inside and so if nobody is driving past the billboards, it seems pointless to advertise your business in a place where it won’t be seen.

Secondly, the messages spread by the NHS about the pandemic are much more important than the advertising of a single product, which means that they get priority pick in the bigger advertising spaces. The government is doing all that it can to try and limit the spread of Corona, so using this space is extremely important.


Limitation on gambling advertising

The pandemic has strained many of us economically and many of us have been left with very little money and lots of bills. For people in situations like that, may experience feelings of desperation and will look for quick ways to try and make some extra money to get them through the year.

For people with little to no option, being reminded that gambling is a potential choice may be appealing to them. However, as you know with gambling, you are more likely to lose than you are to win. People who have very little, they could end up having nothing if they decide to take the gamble. For this reason, TV and radio stations have decided to lower the number of gambling advertisements that they have. By doing this they hope that fewer people will be tempted to spend their money on gambling sites and will be able to invest what little money they do have on the right things.

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