We have all had a lot of time on our hands over the last couple of years, which has left a lot of us feeling extremely bored. If you are someone that usually considers yourself to be quite creative, then you may have noticed that you have been in quite a rut recently, which is completely understandable given the circumstances. Many of us have spent the majority of the last year stuck in the same routine, which does not leave much room for our creativity to be able to flourish.

One of the best ways to get out of a creative rut is by trying out some new hobbies. Hobbies stimulate your brain, which means you will find it much easier to regain your creativity. Here is a look into some of the hobbies that have been proven to boost creativity.


A great way to indulge yourself in a bit of creativity is by painting. You can paint on essentially any scale you want, from small models, all the way to completely repainting your home. If you find that painting pictures or models isn’t for you, we recommend that you consider moving on to painting the walls within your house. This will give you the chance to find a creative outlet and it will also allow you to bring some new energy to your home. You can finally get rid of any of the drab walls in your house and if you make a mistake, you don’t need to worry as you can always contact contrastpainting in Perth, and they can ensure that your house is painted to the standard that you want.


Pottery is a fantastic way to boost your creativity and can be done by pretty much anyone, regardless of skill set.  Pottery is an extremely rewarding hobby, as you take a pile of clay and make it into something beautiful and even usable. Being a potter is also an extremely impressive skill and if you find that you have a talent for it, you may be able to make it into a business that you can turn a bit of a profit from.

Working with clay has no limitations, so you can make classic pots or you can get really creative and focus on other projects. Something that is very popular right now is making miniature clay statues, which is very fun and surprisingly quite easy.


Something that you may have noticed is that during lockdown many people picked up DIY. If you are someone that spends a lot of time on social media, then you have seen people post their latest projects, which may have put you in the mood to try it out for yourself. You will be glad to know that there are thousands of pages dedicated to giving tips and examples of DIY projects, so if you can’t think of anything, there is bound to be something online that will inspire you.

DIY Jewellery

If you are interested in artistic hobbies, but you don’t like the idea of creating something without practical use, then you should look into DIY Jewellery. Making jewellery gives you the chance to really stretch your artistic muscles, all while having something you can use in your everyday life. This is a great hobby for those of you out there that have the habit of spending a lot of money on jewellery. By picking up this skill, you will be able to make your own, which will save you money and is much more sustainable.

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