Teresa and Joe Giudice are under negotiations with Bravo regarding a new reality television show of their own. This new show that is being discussed is just about their family, how they are dealing with a parent in prison, how hard Joe has had it trying to put food on the table and how the children are coping with all the attention that they can’t hide from. On April 7, She Knows tells how this new series is a bad idea especially for the children in the family.


Negotiations with Bravo are being sorted out

First off there have been rumors that this new series will be a spin-off of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” but it doesn’t seem like that has any merit at this point in time. Many feel that Teresa is taking advantage and capitalizing on her prison time to attract more of an audience from fans. On the other hand, it has been said by Joe himself that the last thing he really wants to do at this time is another reality television series especially since she is still incarcerated, whereas, Teresa is eager to get back into the television business.


Produces or this upcoming series seem to be insisting that Teresa be recorded from prison and included in the series. It is not just about Joe and their children. Although photographing Teresa is out of the question any correspondence she has with the family whether it be via email or upon family visits what conspires between them they want to share on the show. Joe is also not too thrilled at the idea of this reality show but since he doesn’t have other means he may have to fold and accept the role being placed before him.


“The last thing Joe wanted to do was a reality show, but it was really the only option because there was no money coming in,” an insider told Radar. “With Joe still not working, just putting food on the table was becoming very hard without handouts from their parents.”


Since Teresa is still behind bars and cannot actually be filmed by the crew in prison and with the added security due to planes flying overhead trying to capture photos of her, how much of a contribution she will actually make on the show is yet to be determined. Teresa has to tow the line while the new shows, if it goes through for fear of losing her early release privilege.


“Cameras will also be mounted in the car to get footage of their visit to the prison…and prison officials will be monitoring the situation to make sure Teresa continues to obey all the rules.” “Producers insisted that phone calls with Teresa be included in the footage. The family will be required to talk to Teresa on speakerphone as well as to share any email correspondence they have with her. Cameras will be mounted in the car to get footage of their visits in prison.”


It doesn’t seem fair to have this type of show air, causing more stress and heartache towards their four daughters. Gia, Gabriella, Milania and Audriana’s ages range from fourteen to five. Haven’t these girls experienced enough pain and ridicule due to their parents illegal decisions and now to have them experience them again as well as tell the world how they feel, how they are coping and how it affects their own lives seems a little over the top to an extreme that would make them a public spectacle instead of living a normal and happy childhood despite their family’s circumstances.


Will this series start a new trend? Now whenever a celebrity goes to prison for a wrongful act they can capitalize on it, gain more recognition and then keep up their celebrity status so that once released go on like nothing ever happened. No one know for sure – are fans really interested in exploiting them to get the scoop firsthand or is Joe and Teresa just doing this to make ends meet till they are both free to live together as a whole family again?

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