Jessa Duggar Seewald is twenty-two years old, twenty-five weeks along in her pregnancy and looks radiant as an expectant mother-to-be. Since she first found out she was with child, Jessa has been interacting with fans via Twitter updates as to her progress during her pregnancy. She loves sharing photos and providing updates letting everyone know that she is healthy, the baby is growing and that she and Ben are enjoying every moment of each day they spend together.


The baby is due to be born on November 1, that’s just fourteen weeks away. It seems it was only a short time ago that Jessa and Ben announced that they were expecting. The time seems to be flying by. Jessa did have a bit of morning sickness during her first trimester, but those days are long gone now giving her more time to prepare as she is soon to be a first-time mom.


Since the birth of Josh and Anna’s fourth child, Jessa has been spending a lot of time with her new niece, Meredith Grace. The time, she is sharing with the little one is wonderful. Not only is she, bonding with the newest family member, she is also getting in some practice with the newborn before she has her own little bundle of joy to care for and love.


Jessa and Ben have kept their word about not revealing the sex of their child until after it is born. Many may assume the baby’s gender has been revealed to their families by now and fans are trying to figure out if Jessa is having a boy or a girl. Some are trying to decipher the gender of the child the old-fashioned way. They are closely checking out the photos of Jessa to see how she is carrying her child, thinking they may already know if the baby is a boy or if a girl will be born this November. It seems the majority is thinking Jessa will definitely be having a son due to the fact that she is carrying low and all the baby weight is in the front. Time will tell if this olden-day reasoning behind determining the gender of the baby is accurate. What are your impressions and thoughts as to whether Jessa is going to give birth to a bouncing little boy or a beautiful little girl? Not that it matters, as long as the mommy-to-be and child are healthy.


The Sweet Way Jessa Duggar Knew Ben Seewald Was Her Soulmate

On a very special episode of ’19 Kids and Counting,’ Jessa Duggar revealed how she knew Ben Seewald was her soulmate.


Jessa & Ben – love is in the air!

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald knew from the very beginning that they were meant to be together. They felt the emotions flow that only true soul mates share. They fell in love, got engaged, married and soon afterwards revealed they are expecting their first child.


Sonograms are amazing!

Jessa shares her first baby picture with family, friends and fans world-wide. Everyone thought she was pregnant before she revealed the news. Fans went wild with excitement for the newlyweds, when they found out the news was true.


The cutest pregnancy reveal ever!

Jessa and Ben concocted the best pregnancy reveal by posing together in a sweet kiss with a baby shirt in the foreground letting the cat out of the bag to appease fans and quench the rumors of her being pregnant by revealing her good news.


Baby bump part 1

Jessa loves to share photos with everyone. It is wonderful that the world can see her progress through pictures. Fans are thrilled to see how vibrant and glowing she is during the beginning of her pregnancy.


Baby bump part 2

Jessa is beginning to show while she retains her slim figure. How exciting it is for her to begin to feel the life she and Ben created start to grow. Jessa is as radiant as ever.


Baby bump part 3

This is the latest photo Jessa shared with everyone. Her baby bump has really popped since the last picture that was shared. This is a very beautiful time in her life, experiencing life from the beginning is a wonderful and exciting time that she will treasure all the days of her life.


Jessa became an aunt twice in the past two months. This is a special time in her life as her sister Jill and sister-in-law, Anna gave birth to two beautiful children. Jill’s baby boy and Anna’s baby girl have brought new bonds within the family. These ties no one can ever break, they continue to grow stronger as their children develop and Jessa’s baby nears her due date. Jessa’s baby is due on or around Ben and Jessa’s first wedding anniversary.

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