Back in 1998, billionaire investor Warren Buffett gave a speech at Harvard University where he unashamedly stated his disapproval with owning physical gold, citing its lack of a dividend or return as the premise for his beliefs. This doctrine was also passed onto to his longtime partner Charlie Munger who stated in more recent times that gold is only good for Jews trying to flee the Nazi’s during the time of the holocaust.


Karatbars one ounce gold with LBMA certification

Courtesy of karatbars

But like most of finance, things change over time and savvy companies and investors find ways to make money off of valuable assets. One such company that is creating a niche in the gold market is Karatbars, and is right now revolutionizing how people can not only own physical gold for their investment portfolios, but also how they can use the company’s own model to build their own relational marketing business. In addition, business affiliates who become registered can even own their own offshore account that can be accessed online 24 hours per day, or through a Mastercard which is usable almost anywhere around the world that accepts this well established form of money.


Karatbars was started in 2011 out of Stuttgart, Germany, but has connections in over 75 countries that include the United States. It’s mission and scope is to not only provide customers with the choice of purchasing gold that is backed by one of the world’s leading assayers, the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), but to also provide the option of having their gold stored onsite in Karatbars vaults at absolutely no cost to the customer.


Additionally, individuals or businesses who choose to become affiliates can get paid for both gold purchases and package purchases from anyone they signup and refer, and their gold holdings as well as commissions can be uploaded from a free offshore account at anytime to a pre-loaded Mastercard that is good anywhere around the world Mastercard is accepted.


For those looking to start their own home business or as a add-on to their current corporate enterprise, Karatbars only allows new affiliates through sponsorship, meaning that someone cannot create an account without using or referencing a sponsor. This alone is a great selling point for affiliates as they can speak about Karatbars without the fear of someone simply signing up under themselves based upon your work and information.


Network or relational marketing has changed immensely over the past 15 years, with the stigma of companies like Amway a thing of the past. In fact many people might not realize but when you use Google Ads or have an affiliate account with Amazon on your personal or business website, you are functioning in the capacity of network marketing. And as the global economy moves in an even greater direction towards online and centralized retail, the use of individual marketers and sellers is the new era of business, and is becoming the best way for workers to achieve unlimited earnings predicated on how much work, effort, and study they put into it.


As opposed to companies that are tied to disposable and usable products, Karatbars has only one product, and is something that does not disappear at the end of the month, or is thrown away once the ‘bottle’ is empty. Being part of a business that provides you a commission for the buying and selling of gold, while offering a free offshore system of storage and a way to liquidate it into cash at the click of a button is something that appeals to investors, owners of any retirement fund, or people who are interested in a hedge against the dollar and any other currency. Additionally, Karatbars is a potential opportunity not just for the well off, but also for the over 92 million Americans who are either unemployed or under-employed following the credit crisis of 2008 that nearly brought down the entire banking system.


Prior to 2000, the majority of small businesses were the brick and mortar types that required vast amounts of overhead and hundreds of hours per week just to bring their businesses to profitability. However, with the advent of the internet and the fact that banks are ceasing their monetary support of Main Street small businesses, the home business or network marketing model is the surest and fastest way to make a living and to satisfy the deep desire in many people to be their own boss and work their own hours as they see fit.


In the end, there are many different network marketing models and business opportunities, but few offer the features that Karatbars does, and at an extremely minimal cost. For around $350, a person or business can purchase a silver package that pays a return of 10% on any affiliate you sign up that also buys a package, as well as receiving a commission percentage on every gram of gold purchased by these same customers and affiliates you have signed up… meaning the potential is infinite dependent upon your goals.


In addition, and unlike many other network marketing companies, there is no required monthly purchases or ‘autoships’, meaning after your initial purchase of an affiliate package (Bronze, Silver, Gold, VIP), you can fund your own gold purchases, as well as grow income directly from your earnings, as you sign up more individuals and companies.


In full disclosure, I am an affiliate with Karatbars, and have in a very short time become very successful in building a business from it, as well as the opportunity to buy physical gold and hold it offshore. I also have my own offshore account that is not regulated or reported on via FACTA since Karatbars is not a bank, and not required to report anything to the I.R.S. or other financial regulatory agency.


As the National Finance columnist for, and a contributor to several other online publications, I would not write on a topic, company, or opportunity if I did not believe it was both legitimate, and potentially beneficial to you, the readers. And if this company and business is something you might find of interest, you can sign up under my referral link below, or contact me through my Examiner contact link.


Also make sure you take a look at the video connected to this article. One member group has done an extraordinary job showing you how easy it is using just one of the seven ways to earn money through Karatbars, and to build your own six figure income in just seven weeks starting with finding just two people and letting the power of network marketing do the rest. In fact, if you look at it honestly, Jesus may have been the greatest network marketer ever as he took just 12 people and built a billion personfollwing from it that has lasted for over 2000 years.