Families have differences when it comes to just about everything that another family member does. It is no different with the royals in England either, and then again, when they argue or have a family feud everyone seems to hear about it one way or another. Kate Middleton should be enjoying the remainder of her pregnancy without having family stress from all sides right now. According to a Monday, March 2 report from the Inquistir, it seems that Price Charles thinks Kate Middleton will be in for a rude awakening when he finally is able to call the shots and hold the reins to Buckingham Palace.


Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge visits Cape Hill Children’s Centre

Prince Charles wants palace a tourist attraction

Rumor has it that Kate wanted to have her mother, Carole Middleton assists her when she delivers her second child in lieu of a nurse making Queen Elizabeth furious and putting her foot down that this would not be happening. Kate may have mentioned that she wanted her mother to be present at the birth of her second child and things got twisted in the news as the story passed from one source to another. With all the medical issues Kate has experienced during her pregnancies, no one doubts that mom’s presence wouldn’t be welcomed and that she would also have all the medical professionals present when she actually does deliver the baby for safety’s sake.


“Kate was determined to have the baby in the comfort of [her] home with William present,” the palace insider said. “She consulted medical experts and they drew up plans to install all the equipment in a room close to William and Kate’s master bedroom. But they didn’t anticipate the Queen’s reaction.”


“The Queen was horrified and pointed out they must not take risks with a baby who one day will be second in line to the throne,” the source added. “It was a shock to Kate that the Queen was so concerned. Her message left Kate in no doubt that this wasn’t so much a request, but an order!”


When Kate gave birth to Prince George she did so without drugs so a home birth wouldn’t be something she could be interested in having. Queen Elizabeth also gave birth at home to Prince Charles but not when Princess Anne was born. This may be why she is against home births since no two are alike and additional medical personnel would be required at a moment’s notice.


Reports are in that the baby will be berthed at London’s St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington with a full medical staff present as it was done when Prince George was born in July of 2013. Kate and William’s second child is due to be born in April of this year. There have been additional rumors from others that a copy of the baby’s ultrasound was released that claimed Kate is pregnant with a baby girl who will be named after Princess Diana. If Kate has a baby girl, her name may just be Diana as everyone is predicting, but there hasn’t been any official news stating that the ultrasound that was published was actually Kate’s. With only a short time to go everyone will be sitting at the edges of their seats to find out if Kate and William will be having a boy or a girl and the name they have chosen for their child.


In the meantime, Prince Charles is more than ready and enthusiastic about taking the reins over when the time comes with the Queen’s passing. This is sad to hear since she is still alive, active and has her hands-on when it comes to family matters as usual. The stories may be speculative but also may be true that Charles wants Buckingham Palace to no longer be a residence for the royals. Instead it is being said that he wants to convert the palace into a tourist attraction that would include an art gallery and as a center for events that will be open to the public. Part of the reasoning behind this is because of the expense it would cost to upgrade the family home into one that is up to code again. It seems that there are many flaws and structural repairs that would cost over fifty million to upgrade the roof, walls and heating system. Maybe since his mother has referred to Buckingham Palace as more of an office than a home which she resides in is part of the cause for him to want to make the changes that are being spoken of lately and that the Royal Family will eventually be relocated to Windsor Castle.

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