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Governor Nikki Haley has served her state and nation well

  South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley served her state and nation well. President John F. Kennedy was the youngest president and Governor Nikki Haley is the youngest governor in the history of the state of South Carolina. As the eyes of the world keenly focused on the Palmetto state, Governor Haley proved what President Kennedy declared when he said that courage is grace under pressure….

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Karatbars: Where contrary to Warren Buffett, you can earn a return buying gold

  Back in 1998, billionaire investor Warren Buffett gave a speech at Harvard University where he unashamedly stated his disapproval with owning physical gold, citing its lack of a dividend or return as the premise for his beliefs. This doctrine was also passed onto to his longtime partner Charlie Munger who stated in more recent times that gold is only good for Jews trying to…

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