It is not a problem to buy condoms at any age – there is no age limit.

Can You Legally Buy Condoms At 16?

The age requirement for purchasing condoms at supermarkets and pharmacies is waived for anyone buying condoms. In NSW, a person’s sexual consent must be at least 16 years old, regardless of their gender or their partner’s gender.

Can You Buy Condoms When Your 13?

Condoms can be purchased by anyone – there is no age restriction. The cashiers at the pharmacy will not be bothered if you purchase condoms all the time, even if you are nervous about buying condoms for the first time. Condoms for both men and women are included in this category.

Is It Illegal For Under 16s To Buy Condoms?

Before using one, make sure you know the facts. The myth that condoms must be purchased by those 18 and older is untrue. Truth: Condoms are available at contraception clinics, Brook centres, sexual health (GUM) clinics, and young people’s clinics for free. In addition to providing confidential advice, these services offer other services.

How Can I Get Condoms Under The Age Of 16?

  • The pharmacies are the ones that sell drugs.
  • There are supermarkets as well.
  • websites.
  • There are some public toilets that have vending machines.
  • There are some petrol stations in the area.
  • Can Minors Legally Buy Condoms?

    Condoms can be purchased by anyone, regardless of age.

    Can You Buy Condoms At Walmart At 16?

    The question of where to buy condoms or what age you must be to buy condoms is a common one. Condoms can be purchased by anyone – there is no age restriction.

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