If you are parked, you can use a personal conveyance to move the vehicle. The driver may move the truck to grab a bite to eat, exercise, find a bathroom, or move the truck at the request of a law enforcement official if he or she does not advance the load.

What Is Considered Personal Conveyance?

In the event of an off-duty accident, a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) is used for personal purposes. When a driver is relieved of work and is responsible for performing all work by the motor carrier, he or she may record time operating a CMV for personal conveyance as off-duty.

What Are The Rules For Personal Conveyance?

Under 49 CFR 395, the driver must be able to obtain the required rest in a reasonable amount of time while driving under personal conveyance. The law defines property-carrying vehicles as 3(a)(1) or 395. The vehicle must be in good standing before being driven on duty, and the resting location must be in good standing.

What Is Considered Personal Conveyance?

When a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) is being used for personal purposes while the driver is off duty, it is referred to as a personal Conveyance. Therefore, Personal Conveyance movements are strictly personal and not for the benefit of the motor carrier.

Can You Use Personal Conveyance Bobtail?

A person may not use theses for personal Conveyance: Driving bobtail or with an empty trailer to pick up another load. The motor carrier should be positioned in the direction of the CMV.

Can You Personal Conveyance To A Shipper?

If the driver is off duty, he or she can use personal conveyance to drive his or her truck home from the terminal or trailer drop lot, but not from the shipper or receiver to your home, says Seidl. If you are loading something, you cannot drive to a facility with your personal vehicle.

Which Of The Following Would Not Qualify As Personal Conveyance?

The act of bobtailing or pulling an empty trailer to retrieve another load or reposition a tractor or trailer is not considered personal conveyance if it is done for a business purpose (such as going to the next loading location).

How Do I Choose A Personal Conveyance?

  • You can select your current duty status by clicking on the Logs screen.
  • You can enable personal Conveyance by setting your current duty status to Off Duty.
  • If you would like to explain the purpose of selecting Personal Conveyance, such as “Commute Home”, you can add notes in the Notes field.
  • Tap Save.
  • Watch what are the rules and regulations for using personal conveyance Video

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