Located about an hour north of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Canadian Lakes is a private, recreational community. Membership includes access to: Over 730 acres of waterways, with 340 acres of sports water, as well as automatic access to the property.

How Much Is Canadian Lakes Membership?

Membership in the CLPOC is open to all members who are in good standing. There is a $25 dues fee. The cost of living is $1000 per year.

Can You Swim In Canadian Lakes Michigan?

There are numerous sun bathing and swimming beaches on the lakes, which are roped off from swimming areas, as well as picnic areas and pavilion areas for members and their guests to enjoy. The resort offers residents an outdoor pool and a year-round indoor pool, as well as the beaches.

Why Is It Called Canadian Lakes?

As a result, the name of the development was inspired by parts of Canada. Bollman used bulldozers and tractors to dig up the area then known as “Mud Lakes” and called it “Mud Lakes.”. The original Canadian Lakes plat outlined about 100 lots, with the first one sold in 1963.

Is There Public Access To Canadian Lakes?

There are three golf courses available at Canadian Lakes for members and guests. The two 18 hole public access courses adjacent to Canadian Lakes – St. Ives and Tullymore – are both nationally recognized by Golf Digest Magazine.

How Many Lakes Are In Canadian Lakes?

The number of lakes in Canada is greater than that of any other country in the world, with 563 lakes larger than 100 square kilometers. A vast area straddling the Canadian-American border, the Great Lakes are home to some of the world’s most beautiful lakes. Lake water from the boundary of the world is 18% of the fresh lake water in the world. Below is a table showing the country’s largest lakes.

How Deep Are The Canadian Lakes?

There are two datasets of the deepest lakes in Canada – Great Slave Lake at a depth of 614 metres and Lake Erie at a depth of 534 metres. The second deepest lake is the Quesnel, which reaches as deep as 511 meters, followed by Adams Lake, which reaches 464 meters.

Who Started Canadian Lakes?

Donald Bollman built The Castle in Canadian Lakes in 1974 to house his wife Laura and five children as well as to serve as a recreation center for Canadian Lakes club members. It also has a large dining area and a large pool.

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