‘bend the rules’ or’stretch the rules’ When someone in authority bends the rules or stretches the rules, they do something even if it is against the rules.

What Does Stretched The Rules Mean?

We cannot bend or stretch the rules just for you. We cannot change or ignore them.

What Does It Mean If Something Is Stretched?

A material can stretch when pulled and then return to its original size when pulled again: to stretch fabrics.

What Is A Rule In Legal Terms?

Legal rules, or laws, are rules that have been approved by a state’s legislative body and are officially recognized. In order to interpret legal rules, courts must decide cases brought before them and may impose sanctions against those who violate them.

What Are Rules And Its Importance?

In order to protect the weaker classes in society, rules are established to ensure that they are not disadvantaged if they are broken. In a community, when rules are followed and set properly, there is a stable environment and human co-existence, which results in peace and order.

What Are Examples Of Rules?

Rule is a set of regulations, codes, or practices that are official. For example, a red light means stop when you are stopped. In the case of an employer, 8am is a time when employees arrive. The act or behavior of doing the same thing over and over again.

What Does It Mean When Someone Is Stretched?

Inability to complete all of your tasks due to lack of time, money, people, or equipment. What are your options for making it quick? The amount of time I have tonight is really draining. Words and their synonyms. A lack of something and no one to rely on.

What Does You Stretched Out Mean?

The stretched out part was not stretched out. In the second definition, DEFINITIONS2. Lie down is antransitive/transitive verb that means to relax or sleep.

What Type Of Word Is Stretched?

noun. A stretching or state of being stretched is the act of stretching. The distance between two points of water or an expanse of water.

What Does Stetch Mean?

The ridges formed by a plow are followed by ups. The ridge between two furrows, as in plowing land, is a noun.

What Is The Opposite Of Stretched?











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