Models of this type start at around $40 and can cost upwards of several hundred dollars. Fuel cell alcohol breathalyzers start at a few hundred dollars and can cost upwards of a thousand dollars for law enforcement models.

Can You Buy Your Own Breathalyzer?

Platinum fuel cell technology has enabled the development of a Personal Breathalyzer that can measure blood alcohol levels the same way as law enforcement agents. “Fuel Cells are accurate, consistent, and respond quickly to a wide range of alcohol breath concentrations, including those found in alcohol.

What Is The Best Breathalyzer To Buy In Australia?

The BACtrack S80 Pro is number one. We offer the best breathalyzers in Australia at BACtrack. There are a variety of police-grade, fuel cell, or semiconductor sensors, as well as portable, personal, or professional use options.

How Accurate Are Store Bought Breathalyzers?

When used properly, top-rated devices are accurate to 0 percent. There is a margin of error of 0.011%. The accuracy of a product depends, however, on a variety of factors. Semiconductor oxide-based testers are less expensive, have fewer features, and last less time than fuel center testers.

Which Is The Best Breathalyzer To Buy?

  • Tracetrack Professional Breathalyzer is the best breathalyzer overall.
  • The AlcoHAWK Ultra Slim Breathalyzer is the best budget breathalyzer.
  • The BACtrack S80 Professional Breathalyzer is the best high-accuracy breathalyzer on the market.
  • Breathalyzers with high-tech features are available from BACtrack Mobile.
  • What Breathalyzer Do Australian Police Use?

    In New South Wales, the New South Wales Police use the Drger Alcotest 7110 breath-analysis instrument to enforce the law against drinking and driving.

    Is It Possible To Buy A Breathalyzer?

    It is possible for a workplace to purchase breathalyzers that are stronger, more expensive, and more reliable. A breathalyzer that is smaller and more portable may be purchased by individuals. If you plan on carrying it all the time, consider whether it should be compact and lightweight.

    Are Personal Breathalyzers Legal?

    It is not possible to use field tests conducted on breathalyzers or blood tests conducted by trained medical professionals as evidence in a legal proceeding.

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