Swords such as sabres, cutlasses, samurai swords, katana, etc. do not fall under the scope of the Weapons Prohibition Act 1998, and you do not need a license or permit to own one.

Can You Legally Buy A Katana?

The legal category of a Katana is the same as that of a knife, but it is governed by state laws rather than federal laws, so a collector must be over 18 years old OR have their parents’ implicit permission to purchase or own one.

Can I Buy A Sword Online In Australia?

Cold Steel swords can be purchased online or in our QLD showroom, based on expert advice and knowledge. Please note that some Australian states and territories do not allow the use of swords.

Can You Buy A Katana Online In Australia?

We offer Japanese blades and katanas in Australia, so you can see and discover them online or in store. The Japanese swords and katanas are made of high-quality carbon steel, which is a premium material. Online shopping is the best way to buy Japanese swords from Extac Australia.

Is It Legal To Own A Japanese Katana?

It is illegal for the average Japanese citizen to own a katana. It is a fact that ordinary citizens in Japan are allowed to own Japanese-made blades that are registered with the Japanese Sword Association (Nichion Token Kai). A sword smith in Japan can only produce two swords a month as cultural artifacts, according to the Japanese government.

Is It Illegal To Own A Katana In Melbourne?

As of 2004, swords are prohibited weapons in Victoria, meaning that they cannot be used, possessed, or carried.

Can I Have A Katana In Public?

California law permits the carrying of sheathed swords openly, but not only does it allow it. It is a misdemeanor to conceal bladed weapons. Most states that allow the carrying of bladed weapons allow them to be longer than five inches, so they are usually illegal.

Is It Legal To Buy A Sword Online?

There are lots of answers on the Internet saying that you can import from so and so website, but only if you pay the import duty. However, to be honest, you cannot own any non-fire weapons, such as swords with a sharp edge, in India. It is possible to buy India-made swords from Rajasthan or from a genuine Indian sword maker.

Is It Legal To Ship Swords?

There may be some local laws that need to be checked, but generally, it is legal to do so. I have shipped to the US before without any problems as a swordsmith. However, a courier is likely to be a better option than a postal service.

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