Lokai Bracelets are inspired by the idea of a white bead containing a drop of water from Mount Everest to symbolize the “highest point” of one’s life, and a black bead filled with mud from The Dead Sea to symbolize the “lowest point”. The water does not appear to be present when the valve is cut open.

Where Is Lokai Located?

Founded in New York, New York, USA 10013, Lokai is a global company.

Is There Actually Stuff In Lokai Bracelets?

Nothing. Baker is not the only one who has expressed concern with the product. In response, the company says water evaporates, and that’s why there is no water inside the bead, as well.

How Long Do Lokai Bracelets Take To Arrive?

You or Lokai are responsible for paying for all shipping, whether it is done by you or Lokai, and it usually takes between 7-10 business days for Lokai to process your order.

What’s So Special About Lokai Bracelets?

The Lokai bracelet symbolizes living a balanced life, and it represents the highest moments of life, joy, gratitude, and happiness. Life is a cycle of highs and lows, and it symbolizes living a balanced life. Everest.

Do Lokai Bracelets Really Have Mud And Water In Them?

The Lokai bracelets are made of white beads and black beads, representing the highest and lowest points on earth, as well as mud from the Dead Sea in the black bead, which symbolizes the difficult times.

Are Lokai Bracelets Water Proof?

Yes, lokai’s are 100% waterproof. Thanks to @kendi_kenn. Tough Mudders have even been held in which people wore them.

Does Lokai Actually Donate?

Giving back is a way for Lokai to balance its business, so it donates 10% of its net profits to charity. We have accomplished a few things, but not everything we have done.

Can You Sleep With A Lokai Bracelet?

One can of Calm and one can of Sleep by Elements are included in the Unwind Lokai. In each bracelet, there is a white bead with water from Mt Everest and mud from the Dead Sea. As you experience these extreme elements, you are reminded to remain humble and optimistic through highs and lows.

Who Owns Lokai?

Izen is a renowned composer. There are more than 5,000 Izen Lokai stores in 170 countries that sell the brand’s beaded bracelets.

What Does Lokai Mean In Hawaiian?

L*kahi, a Hawaiian word that translates harmony, unity, and blending of opposites, is the origin of the word Lokai.

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