The reason she is so popular is that she does so much more than other dolls and keeps children engaged with games and teaches them new things at the same time. Evie has been playing with Luvabella for a good few weeks now, and she is still very much enjoying it. Overall, I believe that Luvabella is worth the £100 price tag based on its performance.

What Is The Difference Between Luvabella And Luvabella Newborn?

In comparison to the original Luvabella dolls, the Luvabella Newborn is smaller and lighter. The original Luvabella is made of hard plastic, while the newborn is softer. Therefore, she does not sit up because her arms and legs are not poseable.

What Can A Luvabella Doll Do?

The Spin Master Luvabella is an adorable tech-infused baby doll that will delight kids with realistic movements and reactions that will make them smile. To hear her laugh with delight, tickle her toes or tummy, or cover her eyes to hear her respond with “peek-a-boo!”. Her soothing heartbeat can even be heard by kids as they lay their hands over her chest.

What Is The Best Interactive Doll?

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  • What Size Is Luvabella Newborn?

    Product Dimensions

    6 x 16 x 5.13 inches


    4 AA batteries required.

    Can Luvabella Cry?

    She does, yes. Luvabella Newborn can cause your little one to get fussy, cry, laugh happily, or yawn as she plays with her. Luvabella Newborn can be cared for by their caregivers as they feed her, soothe her, play with her, rub her back, and rock her to sleep, just like a real baby.

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