It has been a long time coming for Polly Waffle fans to see their beloved chocolate bar return to Australian shelves. The iconic Australian chocolate bar is making a comeback.

When Did They Stop Making Polly Waffles?

Polly Waffle was discontinued by Nestlé on 23 November 2009 due to poor sales after 62 years.

Where Are Polly Waffles Made?

“The majority of the machinery is from Australia, and some parts are sourced overseas.”. In order to meet customer demand, Covid-19 is being produced in a highly efficient manner. Hopefully this waffle and marshmallow chocolate bar will be back soon.

Are Polly Waffles Gluten Free?

It may contain gluten, peanuts, tree nuts, milk, and sesame seeds. We’ll make our enormous version of this iconic Australian chocolate bar instead of waiting for it to return to the supermarket shelves.

Who Made Violet Crumble?

Originally made in 1913 in South Melbourne, Victoria by Abel Hoadley (born 10/09/1844), Violet Crumble is a popular treat. The first chocolate assortment Hoadley produced was packed in a purple box with violets on it. His wife’s favorite color (purple) and flower (violet) were represented by the packaging.

Why Did They Stop Making Polly Waffles?

As you might have guessed, Covid-19 has pushed back the Polly Waffle’s return until late 2021 or 2022. Additionally, he confirmed that they would be looking at a variety of options to expand the Polly Waffle’s appeal beyond just a single chocolate bar.

What Are Polly Waffles Made Of?

Polly Waffles are waffle wafers filled with marshmallows and coated in compound chocolate. 1947, Hoadley’s Chocolate in Melbourne invented it.

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