The Southern Knight Seahorse is now being commercially produced in Australia, which ensures that wild stocks are not overexploited. The temperate species can also be kept in an aquarium that is heated, since they are temperate. A sea horse is an interesting and unique pet.

Can You Still Buy Seahorses?

We offer a variety of wild-caught Common Seahorses, Hippocampus Erectus, Tank Raised Hippocampus Erectus, and Dwarf Seahorses for sale at Foxy Saltwater Tropical Fish. Seahorses can be kept in their own tanks when they are in this type of environment.

How Much Is It To Buy A Seahorse?


Average Price


$25 to $45 per pair


$70 to $95


$100 to $150


$75 to $115

Are Seahorses Illegal?

You need to think again if you believe that there are a lot of fish in that. Eight million seahorses were seized at the Port of Callao in Lima, which is the largest haul of the little creatures in the country. From California’s San Diego to Peru, where it is illegal to fish for them, they are found in tropical and temperate waters.

Can U Get A Seahorse As A Pet?

You may want to consider sea horses as pets for your saltwater aquarium, but they are not available at your local pet store. Keeping them alive is a challenge. The color of a pet seahorse varies depending on its size and background.

Does Seahorse Still Exist?

Seahorses can be classified as 54 species worldwide, and possibly as many sub-species as well. Scientists are often unable to identify the species of seahorse because individuals of the same species can appear very different. There are still new species to be discovered.

How Much Do Seahorses Cost To Buy?


Average Price

Smooth or Yellow

$70 to $95

How Much Does A Seahorse Tank Cost?

If you are purchasing a tank and accessories that meet those specifications, you will need to visit a good local fish store to find out what the actual costs would be. However, you should expect to spend between $300 and $500 on your initial purchase.

Why Are Seahorses So Expensive?

The price of seahorses rises as they move from local ports to distributors and into herbal shops around the world. As these animals become rarer, demand may drive the price up even further, so they’ll become more expensive as a result.

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