Australia prohibits the ownership of Tasers by civilians. A stun gun is not even available to every police officer. Queensland police currently use the M26 and X26 Taser models.

Are Mini Stun Guns Legal In Australia?

The use of stun guns by Australian law enforcement varies from state to state. States and territories restrict the possession, ownership, and use of stun guns (including Tasers) by civilians, if not to the extent that they are illegal. It is necessary to obtain a permit before importation into Australia.

Are Tasers Sold To The Public?

Yes. The possession and ownership of stun guns is legal in California for most people.

Can You Buy A Taser As A Civilian?

Guns and stun guns are not considered to be firearms because they are used for therapeutic purposes. All 50 states allow the use of these devices by law enforcement. There are 48 states where citizens can legally own them. As of this writing, New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts are the only states that have legalized the use of TASER Devices and stun guns by citizens.

Are Tasers And Pepper Spray Illegal In Australia?

NSW is one of the states that prohibits the carrying of pepper spray. Pepper spray is only allowed in Western Australia, where it is classified as a controlled weapon rather than a prohibited one. In other words, ownership is legal, but it is restricted in nature.

When Were Tasers Available To The Public?

It is the most widely used device by the police departments in this country, which is distributed by TASER International, the most recognized distributor in the world. Since 1974, law enforcement has been able to use the TASER.

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