It is time to move on – Dell will stop producing Alienware 15 and 17 series computers. As part of the transition to the thinner, lighter, and sleeker Alienware m15 and m17 laptops, these two classic Alienware laptops have reached End-of-Life (EOL) status.

Is Alienware Owned By Dell?

The deal will improve Alienware’s supply chain and give Dell a boost among PC enthusiasts by acquiring the gaming PC maker. Nelson Gonzalez, Alienware’s CEO, said the company will be a wholly owned subsidiary of the world’s largest PC maker.

What States Banned Alienware?

California, Hawaii, Vermont, Washington, and Oregon are among the states affected. There are two Alienware models with newly banned configurations, specifically the Aurora R10 and R12.

Is Alienware Always Owned By Dell?

Headquarters in The Hammocks, Florida

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Did Dell Purchase Alienware?

Dell Inc. Alienware Corp., a closely held company, was acquired by the company. A company that makes high-end personal computers favored by gamers is Dell. There was no information provided about the terms. Dell’s acquisition of Perot Systems is seen as a significant strategy shift, as it is rare for Dell to make acquisitions and has tended to focus more on business machines.

Is Dell Alienware Worth Buying?

The best way to sum up your day. As a result, Alienware has earned its place as the best manufacturer of gaming computers. This Dell subsidiary makes some of the world’s most powerful gaming laptops, and it’s definitely worth the hefty price. Some people, however, cannot afford a gaming rig because of its high price.

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