Kira Bailey, a wildlife conservation advocate, is American Girl’s doll of the year for 2021.

How Much Does A Custom American Girl Doll Cost?

The purchase price of $200 includes: A complete customized doll (called “One of a Kind” doll) One line-exclusive outfit, which serves as a meeting outfit for the buyer.

How Much Do American Girl Dolls Cost 2021?

In addition to the six dolls from the first few days of the line, there will be a new doll. From May 2021, American Girl will charge $150 for dolls.

Who Is The New Girl Of The Year?

Kira, a 10-year-old who loves animals and the environment, travels abroad to visit her great aunts’ wildlife sanctuary and veterinary clinic in Australia every year as American Girl’s 2021 Girl of the Year.

How Old Is The American Girl Doll Kira Bailey?

Kira Bailey, the 2021 Girl of the Year, thrilled American Girl fans. A Michigan native, Kira cares deeply for animals and the environment as a 10-year-old.

How Much Did An American Girl Doll Cost?

An 18-inch-tall American Girl doll cost $68 with a paperback book and $75 with a hardcover book in 1986. Currently, 18-inch American Girl dolls in the brand’s historical characters collection are available for $98 each.

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